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My baby will be 4 weeks on Tuesday. I have a problem with her wanting to be held all the time. I enjoy it but I get tired of holding her all the time. I am breastfeeding so when she cries I feed her and she is all happy until I put her down. Do I just let her cry? Night time is also a problem. I can't get her to sleep in her bed next to mine. She sleeps in her swing right outside of our room. I hate having her so far away. But she wake up around 9 to eat and then dosnt want to be put down. How do u fix this. I don't go back to work for a wild but I am not sleeping. I should take naps during the day but I don't. I just am unsure what to do.

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  • Do you swaddle her at night?

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  • No advice but I'm in the same boat. LO wants to be held 24-7 and is nocturnal. She usually awake from 11pm-5am.
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  • I had this problem, thought I was going to go nuts from lack of sleep. She's 6 weeks now and has only been letting me put her down at night and a little throughout the day for the last 4 weeks. I tried tons of different things but I really think time was what she needed more than anything.

    Good luck! I know it's exhausting and frustrating but I kinda miss it. Kinda.
  • My little man is a week old and he was that way.. the ONLY thing he'll sleep in is the boppy pillow. It's a life saver!! He is still up all throughout the nite hungry (I keep calling him a piranha cause I swear he eats 24/7) but at least I can get him to lay down and go to sleep afterwards.
    If you don't have one I TOTALLY recommend getting one.
  • No I don't swaddle her. She wiggles out of them. I will have to look thst pillow up. I can get her to take a pacifier for about a minute or so. She smacks it out of her mouth
  • I second the boppy pillow. The infant lounger is the best! DD slept in it until she just couldn't fit anymore and DS has been napping in his during the day. I love it! Especially for gassy/colicky babies like mine!




  • My son is a wiggle worm. We have these swaddlers called swaddle me. He can't escape from them. He sleeps so good in his swaddler. Plus I have a really good baby. He never fusses or cries. He is a happy baby! He actually slept 5 hours straight the other night. But he didn't sleep as much when he wasn't swaddled.
  • I second the boppy pillow. The infant lounger is the best! DD slept in it until she just couldn't fit anymore and DS has been napping in his during the day. I love it! Especially for gassy/colicky babies like mine!

    We love our boppy lounger too!

  • I also recommend the swaddle me. My little one loves to have her hands out, but when we put her down at night We use a swaddle me to keep her swaddled up. She'll sleep 4 or 5 hours. Does your LO like their car seat? Might be an option for having them sleep in, in your room.
  • Try a zip up swaddle bag (this might be what PPs are referring to). We had the ones in the pic attached and loved them - they got so much use!! They are called 'love to dream'.

    I presume you've already tried putting baby down and doing the whole patting/shushing/white noise thing. You may just need to continue to try putting baby down a couple of times a day for practice, and accepting that it might be matter of time. As baby gets bigger she will be less needy.
  • My baby is the same... After breastfeeding her in the middle of the night, she insists on being held. I usually hold her for fifteen minutes just so her stomach can settle. But it can be quite daunting when I'm really sleepy and have to rock her back to sleep lol...
    Again, I agree with the other mommas that the "Swaddle Me" is awesome!!! My baby sleeps really well with her Swaddle me blanket, and it's really easy to use!!
    Also, my baby loves her swing. But I don't like letting her sleep in it for long periods since her neck always hangs on one side and I imagine it will be painful later...
    Hope you find a solution!
  • Gosh, my dd would stay up from 11pm until 5am bc she was the same way. She's just now settling down at night, I've started holding her more during the day and keeping her in the wearable carrier thing (idk what you call it) when I'm doing stuff around the house, that way she gets her hold me needs met. I'm also swaddling her in the swaddle me with only a tshirt onsie on and keeping the temp the same every night.
    BUT, it also could be acid reflux. She also would get fussy at night because laying her down after I would bf would start her up.. She would wanna be held or comfort fed the rest of the night to soothe it, so she's prescribed Zantac and that's probably helping too.
  • I agree with PPs, try the SwaddleMe! A friend who has a 2 month old got one for DS two days after we came home from the hospital and it was the best present we ever received! Before we used it, DS would stay up all night and always wiggled out of his blanket, no matter how tightly I swaddled him. Now, DS sleeps 4-5 hour stretches at night. I loved the SwaddleMe so much that I went and bought 9 more!
  • We have both swaddlers pp have shown pictures of. DS perferes the Swaddle Me. He loves his hands up by is head. He sleeps so much better in them then swaddle blankets or the wrap ones.
  • Thankyou I will have to try these. She slept great last night I got up at midnight and then she slept the rest of the night. I woke up multiple times. She was just so quite. I am so scared of sids it keeps me up. I keep being told that I need to put her in her crib in her room. But it is so far away. I am just not comfortable with her not being close. I hate the fact that she sleeps in the living room. My boyfriend has to sleep with a fan and it makes it quite cold in the room. I believe that is a reason why she won't sleep in our room. But she will sleep in our bed. I lay her in the bed when he goes to work. She sleeps just fine
  • I sleep with a fan on but we keep long sleeve onesies or jammies on DD and keep a blanket wrapped around her from the ribs down. She hates being swaddled and didn't like the Swaddle Me either. She likes to sleep with her arms above her head (which is amusing), but that's just how she is. However I used to keep my fan on high and now I keep it on low. I can hear her little noises better. Maybe you can experiment with that. We also keep her bassinet in our room too. Sometimes we have to let her fall asleep with us then we slowly get up and move her to the bassinet and she usually sleeps good til she's wet or hungry.
  • I would never do CIO on a baby that small. They're still very needy and I just don't think that method is appropriate yet. That being said, I would try a swaddle again. Try using a "swaddle me". They make wiggling out of it much harder. Also, do you have a rock n play? My LO loves to sleep in his. Good luck!

    ^^^ This. The Swaddle Me's are amazing. I prefer them over the Halo sleep sacks right now as even the NB ones seem slightly large, even on my 9lba baby.
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