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5.5 month old keeps biting while nursing

I need help! My almost 6 month old has been EBF since birth and things have been great. He is definitely teething and looks to have 2 teeth starting to come in on the bottom. For the past 2 days he has been biting my nipples when nursing.... It really hurts! I have been telling him "no" in a firm voice and unlatching him but he laughs every time I say no! Help!!!

Re: 5.5 month old keeps biting while nursing

  • That is the worst! Trust me, I've been there! My LO actually drew blood a couple of times, and it was so terrible. I was so scared I would have to stop nursing because of my baby's razor-sharp teeth, but we are still going strong and he will turn one this month. :) Every baby is different, but here are a few things that worked for me in overcoming the biting problem: 
    • Start only nursing in private, calm places. I noticed that my LO tended to bite when he was feeling excited and playful, or when there was a lot going on around him . He is about 11 months old now and really needs peace and quiet to successfully nurse. I never had a problem with nursing in public or with other people around before he hit about 7 months, but he just can't handle missing out on anything now. 
    • Try putting him down for a bit or handing him off to Dad after firmly telling him "no" before trying to nurse again. Of course you aren't going to starve him by refusing milk for a long period of time; I found that waiting about 10 minutes before we tried again helped him to catch on. 
    • When he's latching on, gently push his head further into your breast so his nose is pushed up against it. Don't worry; he can still breathe. :) This method was recommended to me by a lactation consultant who said that a baby cannot bite when he's successfully latched on and nursing; bites usually occur when he is about to latch on or off. 
    • Pay close attention to him as he nurses. If he seems like he's getting fidgety, have your pinky prepared to pull him off before he bites as he pulls off! I used to be able to read or text while I nursed, but I can't anymore. 
    Good luck, mama! Take care of yourself! Have some nipple balm on hand for the bites that may occur in the meantime as you try to teach him that biting isn't okay!

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