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Colic and acid reflux

How many other moms out there are dealing with colicky babies or babies with acid reflux?

Kensington goes back to the dr Wednesday for her 1 month check up and I'm wondering which one the dr will say she has. I'm leaning towards acid reflux since my son had it as a newborn and she is showing some of the same signs and symptoms.

What helps your cranky baby?

Re: Colic and acid reflux

  • My DS has acid relux. He is on a daily probiotic and Zantac (twice daily). He rarely is fussy or cries anymore. Only when needing a diaper change, hungry, or a little gassy. When he gets cranky I swaddle him, offer my breast, place him on the swing, a warm bath, etc. GL!
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  • LO has acid reflux so the pediatrician prescribed Zantac and she also takes mylicon and that seems to help too! Baths usually help too.
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    Hope has mild reflux, nowhere near as bad as DD2 though. I will be taking her to see the Dr about it this week though. Elevate every surface. Crib, change table, play mat, etc. Burp gently, but thoroughly. I avoided patting on the back but rubbed in an upward motion. Keep baby upright for 30 minutes after each feed. These sort of things can help control/soothe mild reflux.
  • We thought our little guy had colic. Very gassy and fussy all the time. Long crying spells. Lots of spit up and some vomiting. We switched to soy formula and he hasn't spit up once in 5 days! His gas is much better too. We did have to deal with some constipation due to the soy formula but we have that worked out now with prune juice. I'm not saying this is the issue with your LO but you may want to consider things in your diet if breast feeding or the formula source. Also chirpractic treatment is supposed to be very successful in treating colic. Not sure about reflux. Good luck mama. It's tough stuff having an unhappy little one.
  • DS has reflux and a milk protein sensitivity. He takes Zantac and we add a little oatmeal to his bottle only because our Ped recommended it. We still deal with some issues but it seems mostly gas/digestion related. We're switching to EleCare with the hope that we can get him off the oatmeal and Zantac shortly after.
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  • @gmd88 how old is your LO and how long did the constipation last? The beginning of your post is our story, exactly. We have been fighting constipation going on 4 days now. He has had a suppository, and been getting water with corn syrup per the pedi. He is only 3 wks 4days.
  • My little guy started crying and arching his back while nursing last week and it hurt my heart to think my milk was causing that. He was also spitting up after every feeding. We took him to the doctor Thursday and she prescribed Zantac twice a day. He has been fussy the past few days but had a really good day today so I think it is helping. I also am only eating boiled chicken, white rice, green beans, and squash to do everything I can to make him more comfortable. I am willing to eat the same thing forever if it keeps his tummy from hurting!

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    @usernameneededallaretaken our LO is 3 weeks 6 days and we began the prune juice at 3 weeks 3 days per pediatricians instructions. He eats 3-4 oz per feeding of formula with 1/4 oz of prune juice.. we have found this to be the right amount for a soft poop that isn't watery. The prune juice basically started working immediately. She said if it didn't we would consider pedialyte. I've also heard great things about Karo syrup. Maybe bring these up to your pedi?
  • @gmd88 thank you! I absolutely hate not being able to make him feel better. We have been using Karo. I'll definitely ask pediatrician about the prune juice first thing in the morning!
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