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Can't agree on a BOY name!

We're due in January with a boy and struggling with picking a name. I like traditional names, but not too common. I do not like trendy names either. I LOVE the name Henry, but my husband just can't agree to it. He likes Dylan, but I'm a teacher and every student I've had named Dylan has been a pain, so I have trouble with this one. Lastly, the hubby also likes Grady. I'm not so sure about it for my own child, but I do like it. Any opinions? Henry, Dylan, Grady?

Re: Can't agree on a BOY name!

  • Henry is definitely the best one.

    I would take a break from names, and come back with a fresh take. Names are a compromise. Maybe Henry Dylan?
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  • I think you still have a lot of time. Keep searching until you find a name you both love. FWIW, I like Dylan the most, then Henry, and then Grady.

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  • Henry. Due 1.10.19
  • I love Henry.  I'm not a fan of Dylan (agree, I work with children, I've never met a well behaved Dylan).  Grady is ok, nms.


  • Henry is very common right now, but it is still my favorite.
  • Grady is not a good name IMO. There are a lot of little Henry's around but it's a classic name.
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  • Henry is by far the best. I don't care fit Grady, but like Brady, if that could be a good compromise name.
  • My nephew is Dylan and he is quite the little devil (adorable though) so maybe there's something to your Dylan theory. I still like Dylan the best out of the three.

    Henry is a good name too and I don't care for Grady.
  • Grady reminds me of gravy lol. Henry is cute!
  • I like Henry best but it's pretty common. Dylan and Grady are just ok to me.

  • Henry James! I love the name Henry- sentimental value :)
    Not a fan of Grady.
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    Henrik. Dallin. Brady.
  • Not a fan of Grady at all.  I'd keep searching.

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  • Love Henry. Dylan is okay. Not a fan of Grady.

  • My baby's name will be Henry Lee, so I'm totally biased :) we were going to go with Henry James, but Lee is my SO's MN and he wanted to share it with him. James would be my favorite, otherwise. It's becoming more popular, but it's classic popular and not trendy popular like others, such as Jase or Jaxon. The other name choices are not my style, but out of those I prefer Dylan.
  • Also a teacher...never met a nice Dylan. Other trouble names are anything ending with an "Aiden"
    Jaden, Hayden, Braeden. I also have a hard time with Lucas' and Justins.
    Some nice boys with great names I have come across:
  • I've never liked the name Dylan, but it seems like Henry is getting too popular for new babies lately. Maybe check the popularity of Henry for your state, if you're trying to avoid a name that's too common.
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  • Henry! Working with kids, also never had a "good" Dylan. Grady is kind of terrible.
  • Henry - good classic name, I like this one the best of your three. I think it's somewhat common/trendy right now, but that may not matter.
    Dylan - I think it's a fine name. I work with someone with this name/spelling and people always get it wrong - they always assume it's "Dillon."
    Grady - this has a strong country hillbilly association in my mind, like good ol' Grady who sits on his front porch every night.
  • Henry- fantastic

    Dylan- just ok

    Grady- not a fan
  • Henry is my fave!
  • I grew up with a family friend Dylan, my younger sister's age. Was always a nice, popular kid and has grown into a really conscientious, responsible, successful young man - just to throw a "good" Dylan into the mix of all these teachers with bad experiences! I also went to high school with a Dillon who was a complete jerk, so... 50/50.

    I like both Henry and Dylan with an edge to Henry. Don't love Grady
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