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weight gain, am I the only one

This morning I watched the Bump's video for week 15 and was upset when I heard "by now you may have gained 5lbs." I've gained 10 and it's my first. I eat more than I did when I was pregnant, but that's mainly because I no longer skip meals and if I go without a meal/snack I get extremely nauseous.
Anyone else gained more than 5 lbs and had to deal with others telling you it's too much!?

Re: weight gain, am I the only one

  • Yep, I've gained 10lbs already. This is baby #2 for me and last time I gained a ton of weight in the second trimester and almost none in the third so I'm trying not to worry about it.
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  • Everyone has a different biochemistry and weight gain during pregnancy is different too. My last pregnancy I gained a butt load. I ended up only gaining 20lbs at the end, but I lost 10lbs in my first trimester with my DD and then gained the 30lbs, but lost 10lbs in my last trimester. Until you have an idea of what your body is gonna do, don't be so hard on yourself. It's a guideline. It's your first pregnancy so you don't know how you body is going to be. Don't be hard on yourself! I've only gained 3lbs for this pregnancy so far. I'm 16 weeks and 5 days. My doc was concerned but I would have to eat 300 carbohydrates a day or more to gain weight. That's not realistic for anyone, so he has given up and is happy as long as baby is measuring on track. I have a lot of health issue.

  • I've gained close to 15 lbs. it's tough but I gained a lot of weight with my other 2 babies. They were both healthy and I managed to lose it all within a year from giving birth. I say as long as you are healthy and the baby is ok don't worry too much about it. We're all different and pregnancy comes with a whole lot of stress already :)
  • I have gained AT LEAST 10...no doubt it's more though...I feel like a whale...I feel like the whale that ate another whale while also pregnant with a baby whale...im not used to gaining weight especially like this and it's scary as hell...im right there with you on that one!

    I'm seeing a psychologist tomorrow to talk about a few things related to eating and weight gain through pregnancy and im hoping that will help puy things in perspective for me...i know everyone are different but maybe that could also be something to consider if it's troubling you. :) xo
  • I've gained about 14 lbs by now. I'm 17 weeks 4 days. It's tough to see the scale go up and up and realize it is still going to go up. We all have to realize how lucky we are to be pregnant and healthy right now.i weigh myself every day so I am not shocked when I go to my doctors and I want some type of control. The bumps video floor week 17 I think states you should have gained 5 to 10 lbs by now. Everyone is different and we all are producing more blood and water weight right now. Try not to be too hard on yourselves. I think by us all just being aware of the situation we won't have a hard time getting the weight of after birth.
  • I watched the video too for 15 weeks and it says i shpuld have gained 5lbs by now but ive only gained one. I am concern about this. I am still not eating solid as much. My usually food is fruit veggies and soup. That is all i want. Anyone else feeling like this
  • Definitely normal to gain a different amount of weight for everyone. Pp have added a few links to other threads that are super helpful also.

    If you're extremely worried I would just add a little extra walking or work out and change your diet.
    I find myself craving horrible snacks but I've looked online for a few healthy ideas too.

    If you really want chocolate or something you can always add a few chocolate chips with your apples and peanut butter. Just an idea
  • I totally feel the same! In my first 13 weeks I gained 10lbs! I was normal weight and eating the same as I always did. The doctor told me don't stress some women just gain more but it is definately discouraging.
  • Tegzy said:

    I have gained AT LEAST 10...no doubt it's more though...I feel like a whale...I feel like the whale that ate another whale while also pregnant with a baby whale...xo

    This is exactly how I feel with my belly popping forward. Thank you for putting it in such beautiful words. :) I wish you well at the doctor!

    Remember we are all beautiful and strong!!! The weight isn't near as important as the health of our babies. If you have serious concerns definitely talk to your doctor!

  • I would love to gain some weight, ever since I became pregnant I've lost close to 20 pounds and I keep worrying baby will be affected. I was told to not worry about it, but that seems like a big number. I've been bigger most of my life and now isn't the time I want to lose! I never had morning sickness, just never hungry and couldn't eat much.
  • I'm at 17 weeks and have gained 10 pounds. It kind of freaked me out at first but my doctors did not seem concerned and said it was typical. Its all a range so I'm sure you're fine! If you are really nervous, maybe try cutting sugar etc. But I wouldn't stress about it. Baby is growing!
  • I lost 11 total due to all day morning sickness that still comes in spurts. I'm 16 weeks. My doc says me not gaining weight back yet is okay. Your gaining 10lbs is normal. As long as you aren't eating sugary foods and TOO much fatty stuff, you'll be fine. Don't listen to anybody but what your body and doctor tell you.
  • I'm concerned because I haven't gained any... Only lost. :/
  • I gained 10 lbs.  I also ate an entire pint of Haagen Dazs carmel ice cream for dinner last night.  So there is that.
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