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Implants & Breastfeeding

Calling all Mommies!! I had breast implants over a year ago. As a personal trainer I went from a full C to a low B. But, still had the skin to hold a C. I had them filled in with a low 290cc of saline the surgery was performed by placing a small incision under my nipple. I still have sensation and no scar tissue at this time.

Has anyone had breast feeding experiences after breat surgery? If so please share. I'd really love to breast feed my son and my surgeon said I should be fine, but I wanted to check with others who may have been there.

Thanks in advance for your comments & support! Cheers.

Re: Implants & Breastfeeding

  • I am nursing baby number 2 and have implants. I also had them when I nursed baby number 1, but I had a lot of problems BFing so I didn't make it too long the first time around. Things are going much better with my 2nd LO and I really think my initial issues had more to do with my daughter's bad latch rather then my implants. My son nurses like a champ and while I wish I could pump more to build a freezer stash, I seem to make enough for him to nurse. He's 12 weeks and no formula so far. I also have under the muscle/ nipple incision implants.
  • Awesome! Great to hear! Mine are under the muscle as well. Do you recommend a cream or ointment to help with nipple cracking or pain. Mine are even more sensitive since surgery! I didn't think I was having kids ever had surgery at 33yrs..then baby fever hit me at 34 so here I am lol. Will definitely need a lift after holy cow!!
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  • I have the same incision site and implant under the muscle. I am going on month 10 with my little one. He was a preemie so I had to pump for the first couple of months. I have had no problem with pumping or breastfeeding. I even had an oversupply for several months and I was able to build a pretty good frozen supply.
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