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Restless legs

is anyone else suffering with restless leg syndrome?
I am really struggling with lack of sleep as it keeps me up most of the night .... I also can't rest during the day because as soon as my legs go up it starts again!
Wondering what others do to help with it.
I am 34 weeks + 4 days :)

Re: Restless legs

  • I have it too. I've been taking a hot hot bath in about 4 inches of water to get my legs numb. I know it sounds bad and it's a bit sadistic but it seems to work for me. I don't let my belly get wet and I only stay in 5-8 minutes.

    Then, I downloaded a hypnosis app called Sleep Well. For the first time in weeks I went to sleep without the bath and slept pretty well.

    I was told taking a teaspoon of black molasses will help but I also have gestational diabetes so I'm not doing that.
  • You can try Vicks Vaporub. If you can pinpoint the restless spot then just dab a little on. The tingling counteracts the need to move your legs.
  • DH told me to use Biofreeze...maybe that has the same results as Vicks? I haven't tried it yet but I probably will tonight as RL is getting out of hand! I have found that a foot massage helps relax me, which seems to relax my leg muscles, too.
  • This was my biggest complaint last week and was preventing me from getting a good night sleep. My midwife advised me to do gentle exercises (like the ones you do on a long haul flight) for 20 minutes before bed. I sleep with a pillow under my feet and one between my knees and it seems to be working for me. :)
  • I've noticed I get restless leg when I'm really tired. It is my sign that I need to lay down and either take a nap or go to bed for the night.
  • Thanks ladies! I will give all these suggestions a go :)
  • Nothing has helped my RL. I've tried all the above! Some nights I have to take two or three baths just to calm them a tiny bit, it takes the edge off but never all of the anoying "must keep moving" feeling. It stinks!
  • I've had this since the first tri and it's so annoying!  The only thing that I've found that helps (only temporarily, but enough to let me fall asleep at night), is slathering my lower legs and feet in the pink Johnson's baby lotion.  I'm not sure why it helps, but it really does.
  • Try exercising, lightly of course. Stretching and walking. I find that mine seems to be the worst on days that I am lazy. I also agree with the pillows under and between your legs! 

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  • If mine is bothering me I have to get up and walk around for a little bit.  Stand up on my tippy toes and back down (calf stretches).  It also helps to not have my legs under the covers.  It feels like the hotter they are the more uncomfortable I am.  And make sure you are drinking plenty of water!

  • Ugh it's one of my least favorite symptoms, and. I have some gnarly symptoms right now. It actually bothers me more in the evenings on the couch with hubs. He tries to rub my feet and legs but that actually makes it worse. One thing that helps me is to get up and walk around and try to stretch my calves. I also read that taking a magnesium supplement would help, so I checked with my midwife and started that and it does seem to be helping.

  • In one of my mommy groups, I was recommended a product called "Natural Calm". It's a magnesium supplement that seems to help. I've taken it nearly every night for the past 2 months and sleep ALL night (with the exception of pee breaks, lol.) obviously ask your doctor before starting, but it's been a lifesaver!!
  • I've had RLS since I was a baby---and let me tell you---it's horrible. Ever since I got pregnant, it's been 10x worse. I take a mega mineral that has 1,000 mg of calcium. It always helped a little pre pregnancy, but it doesn't help now that I'm expecting. I've tried everything from the powder you mix into drinks, to different vitamins, to old wives tales. Nothing helps. However, I get some minor relief by drenching my foot in lotion before bed and then putting a sock over my foot. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the only thing that seems to help in the slightest bit.
  • i use a pressure point massage stick and it really helps. i got it before i was pregnant because i had a really messed up shoulder and the only thing that made it feel better was rolling it. (i went to a physical therapist and massage place for a while and they turned me on to the concept of myofascial release.) but i actually use it more consistently now that i am preggers. i first started getting really bad leg cramps that would wake me up at night and then it sort of morphed into a restless leg thing. at the time i would use my massager if i couldn't sleep but now i am more proactive about it. i spend less than 5 minutes per leg per day during the day and find it makes a huge difference. since i have started doing it consistently i have found my leg cramps have lessened and i sleep better. i plan on bringing it to the hospital with me when i am in labor too. i use it for my back and my hips and really everything. i know RLS is different than leg/muscle cramps but i think it could help. 

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