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Braxton hicks anyone?

FTM 20 weeks with twins here. I've started getting a little diarrhea (tmi) and had a super obvious couple of Braxton hicks within 15 mins of each other. Should I be nervous? Or is this common? Also had a slight case of back pain. Maybe I'm being overly paranoid, but I know risk of preterm is higher with twins.

Re: Braxton hicks anyone?

  • I went into PTL at 31 weeks and delivered my son at we weeks so I know that the combination of what you're feeling can be true labor but it can also be Braxton Hicks and diarrhea with an unrelated back ache. If I learned anything from my experience it is that it is best to call your doctor if you feel that you might be in PTL. This is a good sourse of susinct info on braxton hicks vs. true labor.

    Above all, if something doesn't feel right you should call your dr.
  • I've had Braxton hicks every day for weeks, and on the day I got diarrhea as well I went and got checked for my own and the dr's peace of mind. I am a firm believer in better safe than sorry, especially in your case with multiples.
  • A few days ago I was having the same thing! I drank a ton of water and laid down on my left side for a while. I was definitely a little concerned only being 18 weeks. I haven't had anymore.
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    Yes. Baby number 4 so mine started 2 weeks ago. They come and go.
    I did make an appt with my dr. For peace of mind. Totally normal for me. But I would call since you are housing twins, better safe than sorry!!
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  • According to the book I looked at today it's very normal to have them now. I think it never hurts to call your healthcare provider if you feel concerned though
  • I've had them since 15ish weeks. This week they have been a lot worse, accompanied with backache and more regular bowel movements. I've just been pushing it too hard. Usually when they come frequently like yours it means it's time for me to lay down and chug water like crazy.

    I'd definitely call your doctor and make mention though.
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  • With my first I started having bh contractions at 20 weeks, but I'm 21 weeks with this girl and none so far.
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