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Help with middle name

We are having our second child Jan 28 and have found out it's a girl. We've already had a name but can't figure out a middle name. We have already tried all the family names. Her name will be Hazel. HELP! Open for suggestions!!

Re: Help with middle name

  • LeAnn, Leann, Leean
    .... I see why you're having a hard time!
  • Some of my favorite middle names are Grace and Marie, I think both sound nice. Victoria would also be a pretty sounding name and would give an uncommon name some grounding.
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  • Seconding Grace. May/Mae also flows well.
  • I like family names in the mn spot. Anyone in your family you would want to honor?
    Some other suggestions...
    Hazel June
    Hazel Jean
    Hazel Elise
    Hazel Frances
    Hazel Emmeline
    Hazel Josephine
    Hazel Caroline
    Hazel Claire
  • Hazel Grace is beautiful but beware that it is the character from "the fault in our stars" if that would bother you.
    Hazel Rae is beautiful too
  • Thanks all! Hazel Rae is actually the only one we can agree on but I'm not in love with it yet.
  • I like the Hazel Caroline suggestion!
  • I love Hazel Grace, that was going to be our middle name if we had a girl (classic beautiful name). I also like Hazel Evalyn as well as the other suggestion of Hazel Caroline.
  • Hazel Grace, hazel Mae,
  • Marie, Ann, Annette, Rae, Mae, Rose, Jane
  • Love Hazel Grace together
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