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Sore abs!

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Hi ladies! so I've googled and googled and nothing has resulted. So here I am :) I'm 9 days pp, earlier yesterday afternoon I felt strange twinges in my belly, almost like it was aggravated. I went for a walk and so forth in case it was maybe constipation pains but nope, still there. Once I really paid attention to when it was bothering me, I realized it felt like my abdominal muscles were sore. I'm guessing this is because I'm using them again and differently than I have from the second half of pregnancy? They aren't horrible but not always comfortable either. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Sore abs!

  • Yes and I have no idea what it is. I am almost 3 weeks PP and still having some pain,, although it is getting better. I notice if I overdo it the pain gets worse. I actually called doc about it at 3 days PP and they said they thought it was just the fact that I had not yet had my first PP bm and once I did it would feel better. Guess that wasn't it.

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  • @Shine2015 Yeah, I have no clue! I'm going to call my ob (midwife center) tomorrow to see if I can bump up my 2 week check up. I'm now wondering if it may be a UTI as I have a pain spot in my back now too? Ugh! I hate trying to self diagnose so I'm trying not to wonder about it but the pain is annoying.
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  • @hcook321 , it's funny that you say that because I was just diagnosed with a UTI on Tuesday at 2 weeks PP. Motrin was helping with the pain but I have noticed I haven't been taking as much if any after starting on an antibiotic. I wonder if that's what it is?

  • Something no one ever told me before now, was that you get contractions off/on for the few weeks post delivery cause your uterus is returning back. I also was experiencing these constipation type pains and that's what I was told. BF will also increase these contractions.
  • @Kwest1007 they don't feel like uterine contractions though. It's like a sore abdomen spot on my left side and a sore spot on the right side of my lower back. I can certainly manage with them but my intuition tells me something might not be right.

    @Shine2015 hmmm interesting. Maybe it is one then? What did they do to determine if it was a UTI? Pee test? I've never had one before that I can recall. Also, I assume you delivered vaginally and had a catheter? Thanks for your responses!
  • @hcook321 yes, I delivered vaginally and was straight cathed 2 or 3 times and then had to have a catheter for 2 nights. It was horrible. Yes I was diagnosed via pee test. One week of antibiotics. Still have some ab pain but the burning while peeing is gone. Few more days to finish all the meds.

  • @Shine2015 it really started to bother me so I went to MedExpress a few hours ago- they have to send out for a culture but are treating me for a UTI. I took the antibiotic 3 hours ago and I already feel better! Thanks for your responses- they definitely helped!
  • @hcook321 that is so crazy! I am glad you are already starting to feel better!

  • Glad you were able to figure it out and are starting to get relief! It's hard enough being a new mom, every ache or pain is just one more thing to complicate it!
  • @Kwest1007 Thanks, mama! Let's just hope the culture comes back positive for a UTI, otherwise I have no clue what it is... maybe just really crappy recovery pains lol
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