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Cloth diapering

hi there, I'm going to try cloth diapering with my new little one, anyone have recommendations on brands to try? Has anyone tried giggle life?

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  • I've bought mine off cushie tushies (though I think it may be an Australian only brand). If you're deciding on the type you're after, I found their site (and videos) very informative and helped me decide exactly what i was after. I loved their cheap, disposable liners for nappies, which for me really appeal (though for some people probably defeats the purpose).
  • I CD with my first DD. We used bungenius AIO and fuzzibunz pockets.
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  • Check out kelly closet they have a trial package. I like preform with diaper covers. Most people say they like all in one's and pocket diapers but I wasn't a fan.
  • Just FYI, there is a Cloth Diapering board with very experienced moms on it. I've learned a ton from them.
  • Also use the search function for this board, I think this topic has been "covered" a couple times already. ;)
  • I can't figure out how to search, I'm on an iPad and I didn't see an option for it.
  • I believe on the ipad it is down at the bottom of the page.
  • An inexpensive option to try it out and see if you like it is sunbaby cloth diapers. They have worked well for us for our first and were very inexpensive compared to other brands. If recommend double stuffing with microfiber and a blended insert. They size down for newborn and our big 2.5 year old is in them still.
  • Which type are you interested in doing? I've done a ton of research and decided on prefolds and diaper covers. If you are interested in getting prefolds Green Mountain Diaper is a great brand. I will be buying all my prefolds from them. There are other sites that you should check out like Kelly's Closet and Diaper Junction. Good luck!
  • If you can do a trial package or buy a few different types that really helps I would figure out what works best for your family. I found that prefolds and covers worked best for me with a newborn because of their runny poop. As my son got older I used pockets and AIOs. There are lots of China cheapie brands on eBay that work well but the elastic can wear out fast. I really like my Bumgenius free times and have switched to mostly using those. If I could I would buy some WAHM diapers because they're usually natural fabrics and super cute designs!

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    I'd see if you can find a way to try out some of the diapers before you buy a whole set of them, as there seems to be a ton of different options.  We're lucky to live in a city and have a local baby store which will let you try out 10 different brands/types of diapers and then give you your deposit back as a gift card for buying whatever type(s) you like best.  I've heard some other posters mention that you can find these kinds of deals online as well where they'll ship the trial diapers to your home.  

    If that doesn't work out, I'd think about registering for/buying one or two diapers of a bunch of different types (prefolds, all in twos, pockets, all in ones, etc) and maybe mix them with disposables at first to see which type you like before buying a full set. CD's cheaper in the end but an expensive investment, so I'd hate to buy a type that doesn't work well for my family.  Another thing to consider is that many CD's come in one size adjustable to fit all babies, but it usually doesn't fit quite right until they're around 10 lbs, so you might want to consider whether you want to start with disposables, buy newborn size just for those first few weeks, or find an alternative option.

    Finally, you could consider getting used cloth diapers from other families either as a cheap way to try some brands or to fully complete your stash for much cheaper.  If they're in good condition and you sanitize them properly, they are fine to use. 
  • We cloth diaper and will continue to with this next child.. We use bum genius aio and pockets (now that my son is bigger we prefer the pocket) we also use flip diapers, and used g diapers when he was a newborn.. The diapers we use now are one size which is awesome for saving extra $$.
    It will take trial and error, we switched from g diapers to bum genius because of how skinny my son is (he has no tushie!!) They are more adjustable. We also prefer snaps because I feel that are harder for him if he tries to get them off!
    The best info i can give, don't get discouraged if you have leaks, it could be a miriad if things and it just takes some time to get used to it!
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