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Bowed legs?

Does anyone have a little one whose legs still look bowed? I read that it's normal for infants to appear to have bowed legs thanks to the position they are in in the womb. Just wondering if anyone has a LO that's 2 months whose legs appear bowed still?

Re: Bowed legs?

  • Yup.  My LO's legs seem a bit bowed.  She's 8 weeks tomorrow.  She's starting to stretch her legs out more though.  I'm not all that worried about it. 
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  • Yup, they take a while to straighten out. Massaging babies legs after bath helps, but not necessary. Expect to see them slightly bowed close to 1st birthday I think.
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    My little one is about 4months and her legs still look bowed. I talked to her dr, and she assured me it was normal from how she was positioned in the womb and that by the time she is a year old they should be straighten out. She told me there was no need to worry when she is this little.
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