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You think I would be an expert by now

im 34 weeks and 3 days and again I started bleeding. Seems lately the bleeding has been consistent. Come every couple of weeks and lasts 2 days. I get asked over again have you had sex? No- can't remover when I last had it! Lifting heavy stuff? Nope, my lovely son lifts mommies stuff for me :) Today however seems a bit weird for me. My Braxton hicks are stronger but not compared to actual contractions and when I get them I bleed more. My back hurts and I feel extremely nauseous. My OB said based on my past my likelyhood of giving birth early is low bc my first 2 were born at 40 weeks (never bled with them though). She basically said it a watch and wait. I hate wearing lads I feel like I'm wearing a diaper lol not looking forward to the birthing recovery! I just hate the unknown! So all I've done today is rest. Thankfully my other 2 are older and totally understand that mommy needs to rest so they can make a sandwich and pour their drinks. I did cook the dinner.

Re: You think I would be an expert by now

  • If it feels different or you're concerned; make call to L&D, on call OB or go in to be checked. Take care.
  • I agree with PP. I would take a trip to L&D & get a 2nd opinion.
  • Nothing has changed no signs of labor . Which is good just have to see my OB tomorrow so she can check me again. This time they are considering bed rest which honestly lol probably won't do a thing to change my body's readiness
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