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How long did you bleed for with miscarriage?

Found out that I was pregnant at 5 weeks, started bleeding a little before 6 weeks but still had an elevated hcg levels a few days later. At 8 weeks when I saw my regular MD, another level was done which showed decline in the hcg and the US showed a very small fluid sac. I had a D&C done two days later at my MD office. My hcg have been trending down (last one was 100's) but I am still bleeding. It had gotten lighter and then a week ago it started back but heavier like in a menstrual cycle. I called my MD to make sure she thought everything was okay when it first happened and she thought it was just my body just sloughing off anything left. I have been bleeding for a little over 4 weeks!!! Has anyone else had this experience or started a menstrual cycle very soon after you finished bleeding from the miscarriage? I feel like I need to by stock in feminine pads because I have gone through so many. TIA.

Re: How long did you bleed for with miscarriage?

  • I had a d&c at 7 weeks and I bled for a week and a half ish

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  • With my first I bled for 4 days. With my second for 9 days
  • I've bled for 3 weeks so far with my mc but I didn't have a d&c. I'm not done though - I just finally passed the sac a couple days ago so I expect I might bleed for a couple more weeks. Keep us posted, sorry I'm not farther along to give you a more complete answer.
  • Thanks, just feeling like this is never going to end. Hard to move on and finish grieving when there is a constant reminder.
  • My bleeding went on for what seemed like too long also.  I went in and my doctor found out I had some tissue stuck to my cervix and my body still thought it needed to get something out.  After my doctor got that out I stopped bleeding probably within a few days.
  • I gave birth to my son, who was stillborn, after which I bleed for 20 days, then went in for a d&c, then bleed for 17 days, had a gap of 11 days, and then bleed for another 2 days. My gp thinks that the 2 day bleed was my period but not 100% sure. Go in to see my midwife on Tuesday so will ask her then.

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