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Need Opinions on Girl Names

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I've got 7 weeks left until my due date, and am having a girl! This is my 3rd baby. Big brother is Alexander Grant and sister is Vivienne Renée. Both have middle names that honour family members. Grant is my husband's and father-in-law's middle name, and Renée is my sister-in-law's middle name (she lives far away from us and doesn't get to see us more than twice a year, so we decided to use her middle name). With this one, we're honouring my Grandpa, who died of cancer when I was really little. I was 2, but have memories of taking naps on his lap, and that he was eating orange jello the last time I saw him alive. I've always felt a strong connection to him. But, finding a name that honours him isn't that easy. His name was Bernhard, but I don't like Bernadette. Bernhard means "mighty as a bear" so we're leaning most towards Eden because it means "bear cub" in Old English. We can't decide if it should be first or middle though, and what name should go with it! I like names that aren't super common, but aren't made up or crazy either, and the meaning matters! Please vote, or make suggestions!

Need Opinions on Girl Names 31 votes

Eden Sylvia
9% 3 votes
Eden Devorah (rhymes with Deborah and is Biblical)
9% 3 votes
Eden Pearl (was his birthstone, and my dad's middle name is Earl)
74% 23 votes
Eden Geneva
6% 2 votes
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