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wide awake every night

My 3 week old always decides to have a stretch of time during the middle of the night where she is wide awake and just wants to be held. This usually lasts 2 hours! It's now 3am and she's been wide awake since 130am. Any other mom's experiencing this w/ your baby?!

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  • She might still just have days and nights flipped around.  We were able to get DS to flip pretty quickly within a few days by doing these things during the day: opening up all of the blinds, taking him outside every time he was awake, and not letting him sleep more than two and a half hours.  And then alternatively, once it was nighttime, we kept all of the lights really low, never turned on a light except our red nightlight nor talked to him or interacted during the night wakings.  Maybe try some of that, if you're not already, and see if that helps.  Good luck!
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  • Awesome. We will need to start working on that! Thanks
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  • Totally normal. Happened with both my kids. It's just a newborns sleeping patterns and there's not much you can do about it. It WILL pass though, I promise.
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    It's only been in the last week that little one has learnt the difference between night and day. During the day time if she falls asleep on me I'll put her down... Which she hates! It keeps her to short cat naps during the day and the longer stretches at night. She does wake every 3 hours for a feed and I'll leave the lights off/dimmed and not really talk to her/interact too much.

    The first 3 weeks at home she ran the place and had her awake time at night. It was exhausting!! There isn't much you can do other than make sure you're taking the time to teach her night and day and make her sleep environment different. So during the day keep it light and bright.

    It's hard though!!! I do hold bubba during the night if she wants a cuddle. Last night she was up and at it after her 4am feed and I just had to go with it.
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  • Yup at 2 weeks and 3 days she decided that she neede to be up from 2am till 6am!! I'm hoping she gets her days and nights figured out soon! I now understand sleep deprived after only one night of this

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