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I can't believe he said that (need to vent)

So I was out with my kids today at an open gym where my daughters take gymnastics (basically they just get to run around crazy). My 7 year old apparently pushed some kid into the foam pit and I was trying to discipline him/discuss why this wasn't a great choice when he said that it was because the kid bit him!

The other child's dad happened to be standing right behind me and said "that's ridiculous my son didn't bite him" I told him that I was handling it. He went off and said something along the lines of how I should "shut up you piece of white trash" I asked if he seriously just called me white trash and he told me "why don't you just leave you lard ass"

I know it's totally inappropriate and undeserved, but I can't help it...now feel totally self conscious. I have always struggled with my weight and despite not being huge I am overweight. This jerk just really struck a cord and now I can't shake off the feeling that somehow he was right.

Boo for jerks

Re: I can't believe he said that (need to vent)

  • So rude.. I'd sure hate to be the woman he comes home to.
  • It sounds like this despicable human is doing a terrible job raising his kid if he didn't even bother asking if he did indeed bite yours (which tons of kids do). He must think his kid can do no wrong and as PP said, I feel bad to be the woman at his house. Just ignore him.
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  • Those parents are the worst kinds of parents and should not be allowed to reproduce. NEWS FLASH: your child is just as capable of doing something wrong as anyone else's!!!
    What a jerk. I would've had no idea how to handle that situation but I would DEFINITELY not take his comments to the bank...
  • Sorry for you. It's sad people feel they have the right to treat others and speak to them this way. What's even more sad is how likely it is that his child will turn out like him. Take pride in how you are teaching your child, it means a lot. Your child won't ever talk to someone the way that man did.
  • Thanks ladies! I've been telling myself the same things, but it makes a world of difference to hear them validated
  • That guy is a dick, plain and simple. Weight and income have nothing to do with your value or class. Behavior and words do.
  • What a dick. And the fact he talked like that in front of kids...THATS trashy. Kuddos to you for not going all pregnancy rage and cussing him out, you are the adult and you set a good example for your son. And like T swizzle said: haters gonna hate, hate hate hate hate. So shake it off momma!
  • "Wow!  With a dad like you, no wonder your kid is a biting brat."

    Clearly, not listening to that moron and murder are the only answers here.  I know of a good-sized patch of land for hiding bodies.

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  • Biting is serious! It's something you should report. Well you'd have too if you took your child to an urgent care. There are a lot of non vax parents and the human mouth is disgusting.
    I know it's a serious offense if your are an adult. I was bitten in the sixth grade and it was reported to cps/school officer by my school nurse. And that child was removed from regular classes. It's hard to keep your wits when your being confronted. But maybe that's something you should have let him know about. I hate thinking of all they awesome things I could have said after the moment is over. Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.
  • I wouldn't sweat what he said...he is probably a single man that was out for a visitation with his kid, and probably didn't even want to be there anyway. Can't imagine him being married. Let his bitterness consume him, but don't let his vile words destroy your happiness.
  • What a knob.  I know saying "ignore the guy" is easier said than done, but I wouldn't let some simpleminded man-child make you feel bad about yourself.

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  • He is obviously the one at fault here not you. What he said indicates just what a jerk and mean person he is. Shake it off
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