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21 weeks... What's this pain? ?

Hello mamas. I am currently 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The last two nights I have woke up out of what it felt like a great sleep due to an undescrible piercing pain that went around from my mid back sides to the front of my belly and when I went to touch my belly cause I could just feel the difference, it was tighter than you could imagine! Had even lost my breathe and needed my inhaler. Any of this happen to you all? Sound familiar? Advice? Thanks!:)

Re: 21 weeks... What's this pain? ?

  • I would definitely call your OB stat. I would be interested to hear what they have to say
  • I thought I should too but wasn't sure. If it happens again this weekend I'll be calling asap for sure and update you!
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  • Def call your Dr.
  • Will be on Monday. He's active all day like normal and I felt fine yesterday and today but I still want to call to make sure just in case and if it were to happen again. Thanks!
  • The pain wrapping around and the tightening sounds like contractions. So yes, call your OB ASAP to see what they say. Could just be one of the many things going on in there that cause weird pains, but you want to be sure.
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    Thank you @MamaGooGoo That scares me
  • It could also be really severe braxton hicks contractions. Either way your doc really needs to know!
  • @GhashiyaE - I also wake up with pain in my sides and back with my belly benign somewhat tighter than the night before.. And am also facing shortness of breath.. But I think it's due to the pressure of the bladder andI feel so much better after I pee..
    I don't wake up in the night to go to the loo anymore so everything accumulates overnight and I feel like I'm carrying a bucket of water in my stomach by morning which puts a lot of pressure on the stomach and lungs
  • @shrsri have you told your dr and got an explanation? @cawalp I thought about Braxton hicks the first time it happened... Ughhhh, I will call them tomorrow morning. Cause just a little bit ago I just got a sharp pain in my right side that felt like I was being shocked/electrocuted ....
  • No I haven't spoken to my dr but as I said once I pee I feel fully better... If u are still feeling pain u should ask ur doctor ... Do let us know what the Dr says !
  • @shrsri will do, thanks!
  • Lurking from D15 because the board is slow today.
    I really don't mean to scare you, but please go get checked out. Best case you were having Braxton Hicks or a full bladder, worst case it is a sign of preterm labor. I had a pretty intense round of BH at 22 weeks due to dehydration, 90 degree weather and grocery shopping. But, just last month someone on our board lost her baby to preterm labor and another one is in the hospital with a broken water. Please don't take risks with your little one. I want to see us all make it full term with healthy babies.
  • @sarahgn thank you. I know you don't mean I scare. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • We can't be too careful with our babies :)
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