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Gender Reveal Party!

My family decided to throw husband and I a gender reveal party. We had our anatomy scan/gender determination ultrasound on Wednesday, but now only my sister in law knows (they are surprising us with the reveal). The party is tomorrow and I can't wait!!! This is such a fun idea, but it's driving me crazy!

Re: Gender Reveal Party!

  • This is cute and fun that someone is doing this for you, I love friends and families like this. I can tell you're super thankful for this. I wish we all had friends or family that could or would do stuff like this!
  • Congratulations either way. I think you have the patience of a saint to wait that long.
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  • And it's a BOY! We are shocked because my husband had the doctor run an unscheduled ultrasound at 18 weeks to try to see what it was, and she was 70% sure it was a girl. We are still ecstatic, though! I loved the "double" surprise!
  • Congratulations!!! How did they reveal it to you??? Balloons, cake, silly string?



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  • An awesome gluten free cake with cream cheese frosting (I have celiac), filled with blue sprinkles and m&ms! It was so cute AND delicious! My husband's response was perfect: "You're shitting me!" Everyone died laughing.
  • I planned it myself and DH helped a lot. His aunt was throwing tantrums throughout. I was Glad that my sister was there too so I was able to ignore her stupidity and efforts of ruining the happiness. You sure are lucky that someone planned it for you. I got really very tired planning and arranging. I was running errands alone mostly.
  • P.s there is no concept of gender reveal party in the culture, where we when people see someone doing anything new they think it's their duty to ruin the event. Lol
    DH'S aunty was happy when we gave favor boxes with candies. Lol its funny
  • I had a reveal party and it was totally worth the wait! All that suspense!!! Congrats!
  • We did our reveal last night, we knew it was a girl but no one else did. I gave everyone (just immediate family was there) either a blue or pink balloon but I had poked holes in the blue balloons so they wouldn't inflate. Then everyone tried to blow up their balloons but the pink ones were the only ones that would inflate so they knew it was a girl. It was so fun to have everyone involved and get to watch their reactions.
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