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PSA! Insurance covering Breast Pump cost!

I recently came across a pin on Pinterest on "how to get your breast pump for free". Apparently some insurance companies cover the cost now. (and by now, I mean this was not the case back when I had my last baby. or maybe it was. regardless I had no clue!) I was a little skeptical so I asked on Facebook, and sure enough, this is a thing. I called my insurance and yep, I'm covered! 100% and I get to keep it! What? Serious? Yes. I just need to call after 28 weeks and get a prescription from my Dr. 

This post is dedicated to all the mommas out there who didn't know. Call your insurance and find out!
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Re: PSA! Insurance covering Breast Pump cost!

  • My insurance called me around 12 weeks to let me know about the benefit. It's great! Now we just need universal maternity leave!
  • Yes it was part of the Affordable Care Act. If your insurance started after the law went into effect, a breast pump should be covered 100%. If you have the same insurance as before the law you may be grandfathered in and not eligible. Call your insurance to be sure!
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  • Ugh, my insurance won't cover it until you're 4-6 weeks into breastfeeding and established. Which is crap because the LCs that I saw told me to pump in the first few weeks to work up a good supply.
  • My insurance covers pumps I'll be getting one for sure.
  • Some insurance companies cover a manual one by default. You can ask your doc for a prescription for an electric one. Coverage of that varies from 50%-100% depending on plan.
  • My insurance said they will provide me a rental electric or a manual to keep. I am going to keep asking to see if I can find a way to keep a medela PIS, fingers crossed! I know you can change the tubing and stuff I just want my own fresh one!
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  • My insurance company covers a double electric in full. They won't ship it til baby is born and I discharge. It will arrive the next day to the house. It's a medela
  • @AlabamaWorley look in to renting one from the hospital you are delivering at in the interim. I can rent one from my hospital for $1 a day, so it may be worth it.
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