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Name finally chosen for our boy!

So, my husband and I kind of had one of those agreements where he named the boy and I named the girl only because we both had names we loved for each one. However I didn't really love his because he wanted our boy to have his same first name and I thought it would be confusing because his dad already has that name and then this would be the third one. And it wasn't a junior or anything because the middle names were different.

Anyways, after we found out it was a boy, I let him know my reasons why I didn't like the name but if he truly wanted to name him that, I would be ok. Luckily, he said he would still look around to see if there were any other names he liked and he still took suggestions from me. So I tried not to push too much but I definitely tried to sway his mind from the original name. And then one day he mentioned a name in passing which was his name as the middle name and his dad's and brother's name as the first name. I liked it. And I said I was extremely cool with that.

So after a couple more months of dilly dallying about names, we talked about it again and he said he had been playing in his mind and liked it. Then he mentioned a different middle name which was his middle name and his mom's. Spelled differently to fit the genders. I liked it even more. And I thought it was cool because it has his dad's and brother's middle name as the first name and his middle name and his mom's middle name as the middle name lol. A bunch of middle names to make a name! lol. So I said all that to reveal the name lol

Charles Gale  (And I will call him Charlie which makes me grin whenever I think of it. Never knew I liked the name so much!)

Ps. Sorry for the long post. I just found the backstory interesting. Yay for nailing down a name! It changes everything when you know that perfect name :) Have a great day everyone!!

Re: Name finally chosen for our boy!

  • I love the story behind it!

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  • Congrats! I love the nn Charlie.
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  • I like it. And Hunger Games which is the only male reference to Gale I have.
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    Very nice!

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