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Health Insurance Issues

just got a bill from my first OBGYN appt and it's for $579. They said my insurance won't pay for a second health visit. I explained to the billing department that I switched OBGYNs. Not testing was done but the doctor had to make sure all was OK for my first official 9 week appointment. She's going to call me back but I'm super stressed over this. I don't want a $579 bill.

Re: Health Insurance Issues

  • So did you go in to one ob at 8 weeks and another at 9? I'm sorry if Something like that hAppened you maybe stuck. Especially if you didn't call for a preauthorization.
    Call insurance, try to find somebody with a brain. If you can't work it out with them call the dr and see if you can get on a payment plan.
    And if you do have to pay it, use this as a learning experience. Always call the 1800 number to make sure you are covered.
    Hopefully this is just the bill from your ob for the whole pregnancy (your share of what they estimate your insurance won't cover)
    Good luck
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