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Acute Urinary Retention

Has anyone experienced this before during their pregnancy? I am 14 weeks and 3 days and I was in the urgent care/hospital last week a couple times since this happend to me late at night. It was very painful and had to get a catheter to drain my bladder. I was told it could be my fibroids that are causing this to happen. Not sure what I could do to help prevent this from happening again.

Re: Acute Urinary Retention

  • Sounds similar to aomething I had. I was retaining fluid up into my left kidney really bad and I couldnt pee even with a full bladder. I have a history of kidney stones, but they couldn't see anything with the ultrasound. Fortunately, having my bladder pressed on for 40 minutes by the sonogram helped me get it out. But it was awful. I have trouble urinating off and on and I feel like my bladder always hurts. Who knows.

    My sympathy! Hope you can work it out!
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    They didn't give you any prevention strategies when you were discharged? I would call. It's a case by case situation, depending on the cause. Your doctor should tell you specifically what you can do to prevent, and what you should do if it continues to avoid ER visits If possible.
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