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Just wanting some advice.

I had a miscarriage on July 28th. I was 16 weeks along, the baby measured 16 weeks as well and I had recently heard the heartbeat so it had just happened. I went in for a simple checkup and they could not find the heartbeat. Afterwards due to measurements and him being right at 16 weeks I was induced and gave birth. The placenta didn't come out so I went back for a D&C.

Obviously afterwards I had the normal cramping and bleeding. It would come and go at times which my doctor said was normal.

While I was pregnant I had had a abnormal pap and then a colposcopy which showed the cells but they said nothing would be done until after I gave birth. Aug the 21st I had another colposcopy and a biopsy done. I had some cramping and normal spotting and “coffee grounds”. I have not had sex or used tampons and been very careful as at this point don't want anything else to affect fertility or make things worse than they have been. Either way yesterday I had brighter blood and maybe a small clot nickel size I guess. It seems to have stopped today. I'm just wondering what has been your experience after a D&C or biopsy. Should I still be having on and off bleeding from the miscarriage or is this come and go from the biopsy or is this my period trying to start. I also had like a day of cramping before the brighter blood came.

Just looking to know if all this is normal or what your experiences have been. Is this something I need to call in about. I have not heard back on my results of my biopsy yet. And wanting to know when I might start feeling normal again physically at least, the emotions are still strong seems like constant reminders. Thanks.

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  • And sorry my profile and wigets are a little out of date. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and now I've lost a baby.
  • First of all so sorry for your loss. I had a D&C and I bled for about two weeks. However you were induced and gave birth then had the D&C and then a biopsy so you may bleed a little longer. If it is not alot of bleeding and just a little here and there I wouldn't be worried. If you start to heavy bleed then I would call the Dr. Usually a biopsy takes about two weeks or so to get back the results. I hate you are going through this. (Hugs)
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