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Lyla vs Riley

my husband and I are going back and forth between these two names for a baby girl. Which one sounds better? :)

Lyla Kate
Riley Kate

Re: Lyla vs Riley

  • I like Lyla, but Riley is really NMS.
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  • Lyla by a long shot.

    I've never found Riley or any variation of it appealing, for a boy or girl.  
    Because fall

  • Another vote for Lyla!
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  • Lyla.
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  • Lyla. Riley is 100% masculine to me.

  • Another vote for Lyla.

  • Lyla Kate by a landslide. It's adorable.
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  • I like both. I think Riley is becoming more and more popular. I really love Lyla.
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  • Lyla, but think Lila looks prettier.

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  • Definitely Lyla but with the Lila spelling. I named my daughter Layla but I love the sound of Lila too.
  • ecwkecwk
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    Lila. Definitely not Lyla and most definitely not Riley.

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  • I like Lila. I'm not a fan of boy names for girls
  • Lyla, since I prefer Riley on a boy.
  • Another vote for Lyla and I second the suggestion of spelling it Lila. Riley isn't very pretty and it sounds so dated to me. Layla Kate would be cute too.
  • Riley Kate sounds very trendy and "cutesy" to me, I don't think it would age well. Lyla Kate sounds much better. And if you spell it Lila instead of Lyla, even better! :)

    Exactly my thoughts.
  • bbiutmcph said:

    Riley is the new Ashley. Masculine name on girl which in 10 years will sound totally dated and the name will become rarely used in general.  Lyla is nms but it's the clear winner here.

    As a 1992 Ashley, I approve this message. (And agree).. Go with Lyla.
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  • Lyla Kate for sho. Riley is masculine and way overdone. I prefer the spelling Lilah.
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  • Lyla. Also if you spell it Lila, I at least would pronounce it completely differently.
    Lyla = lie-la
    Lila = lil-ah
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  • Lyla defintely

  • A former coworker of mine just had a girl in June and named her Riley Kate. My reaction to the name was that it's weird and trying to be too cutesy because
    1. Riley is a masculine name
    2. I thought it was weird that they gave a nickname as the full middle name. (Kate being the diminutive of Katherine. It would be like giving a little boy the middle name Joe rather than Joseph. Just odd to me).

    That said, Lila would be WAY better, even paired with Kate.
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  • I like Lyla much better, but I agree that Lila or Lilah is a better spelling. I think Kate is a fine mn, but Lilah Catherine is my favorite option.
  • You could also try Mila (my-la) Kate!
  • Lyla.  
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  • mrstrax said:

    Lyla. Also if you spell it Lila, I at least would pronounce it completely differently.
    Lyla = lie-la
    Lila = lil-ah

    Then you'd be pronouncing it wrong.

    Another vote for Lilah here. That's been on our list for some time too. Very pretty.
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  • Lyla, for sure! It's a beautiful name. Riley is a boys name to me.

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  • erajp51 said:

    You could also try Mila (my-la) Kate!

    Mila is pronounced mee - la
    Well then other ppl pronounce it differently bc my LO's have a cousin & her name is MILA spelled that way & pronounced MY-LA. Of all the times we have ever gone anywhere I haven't ever heard anyone call her MEE-LA. Thanks for your input tho.
  • mrstrax said:
    Lyla. Also if you spell it Lila, I at least would pronounce it completely differently. Lyla = lie-la Lila = lil-ah

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  • Definitely Lyla, although I'm with PPs and think Lila is prettier.
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  • Lyla Kate for sure


  • Lyla times 1,000

  • I love Lyla, although I prefer the spelling "Lilah." Would have used it myself but DH isn't a fan.
  • Lyla. Riley is 100% masculine to me.

    This is my exact reaction!

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