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8/27 Mommy Successes and Wins

pat yourself on the back!! What have you done right lately? Brag away!!!

Re: 8/27 Mommy Successes and Wins

  • Not so much a success as a laugh at myself.

    So ridiculously sleep deprived from switching DS from swaddle to sleep sack. Changed his diaper in the night and put him back in the sleep sack. He had his soother while changing him. Put him in the crib to wash my hands, come back and cannot find his soother anywhere. Searching the crib, the change table, the floor, everywhere. Turn on the light and still no luck. Go get another soother from his diaper bag. I pick him up and hear something in his sleep sack. Open it up. Sure enough there's his soother. And he's just grinning away this whole time. Now it's 5:30am and I have a very awake baby who has barely slept all night :'(
  • I Think we might need a weekly mummy goofs thread!
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  • mars8k said:

    I Think we might need a weekly mummy goofs thread!

    Agreed!!! I have more of those than successes lol
  • This is kind of a success but not really on my part.. yesterday at 15 weeks my LO decided on her own she was done with using a nipple shield. I was never a fan of using one so occasionally I'll try to nurse without one on and she never seemed interested.. anyway, yesterday's feedings & this mornings 7am feed we haven't had to use a nipple shield! Yay! I really thought I was stuck using one for the long haul.
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • My success is that we went camping for a whole week! Tenting (near enough to a town and facilities) and we all had a really good time. My daughter actually slept through the night for the first time ever (I didn't - kept waking up to check on her)
  • This one is more of the mommy goof. But it's good for a laugh. So I was making an answer key for a test and didn't have a pen so I was using a marker. Well my lo wanted to be held while I worked. So I finished my work and went to change his diaper and I noticed that he had marker on his face. He had some how gotten it on his finger and when he sucked in his hand it transferred. The success is I was able to finish my key while holding him!
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