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Breastfeeding, solids and weaning

im a FTM so I am clueless. Here is my question:

My daughter is pretty much 9 months and I am going back to work in two weeks. She breastfeeds 3 times a day only. And loves her solids. She had three LARGE solid meals a day and 1-2 snacks in between also solids. Is this enough breastmilk or should I be supplementing with formula since she doesn't drink much milk from me. I know it's impossible to self wean this early (that's what I heard) but she just seems to not be interested in boobie as much as her solids. So my question is do I continue with the little milk and lots of solids or should I give formula in between so she gets the nutrients and stuff.
Also, do I understand correctly? Is it true that u r supposed to breastfeed or formula til one year (so if I stop breastfeeding earlier does that mean I have to give formula instead? Or solids r sufficient?)
I will ask my pediatrician in our next 10 month appt but meanwhile I am sure u guys can teach me I'm so confused.

Re: Breastfeeding, solids and weaning

  • It's my understanding that the bulk of baby's diet is breast milk or formula until 1. I've heard the saying "food before one is just for fun." I am currently weaning and I give formula in place of former nursing sessions in addition to small amounts of food each day. However, I feel like I may be overfeeding so I am going to call our pedi to get advice in advance of his 9-month appointment.
  • Ok so whatever breastfeeds she doesn't want, I should give formula rather than even more solids. (She eats so much solids. She never says no).
  • My doctor said that they need the bm or formula until they are one if not they can get anemia the formula or bm gives them want there body need
  • Food before one is just for fun.  Baby's primary food source until age one should be from breast milk or formula. 

    Are you offering breast milk or formula before solids?  You can nurse or give a bottle and then wait 30 minutes to offer solids. 
  • I was told by my maternal and child health nurse to drop a feed at 8-9 months. My son now has 3 breast feeds a day and 3 decent meals plus a small afternoon snack (in place of the afternoon feed we recently dropped). Sounds like your Bub seems happy and healthy but if you're worried maybe speak to a professional? My understanding is that at this age babies don't get enough iron etc from breast milk so solid food (along with breast milk) is important for their nutrition (not just for fun) :)
  • So when you gals are saying your LOs eat solids are you still just doing the purees? Or are you feeding small pieces of what you eat like chicken, cut up veggies, etc?

    My LO will be 9 mths in a few weeks and she still wants nothing to do with anything that has texture.Even a tiny (think large nail head size) strawberry in the yogurt I fed her the other day had her gagging. She will chew on a mum-mum (teething biscuit) but makes faces when it dissolves into her mouth. I haven't even begun to feed her anything other than pureed jar baby food because I know she won't have it.

    My LO still gets 4-5 6oz bottles of formula a day, some pureed veggies at daycare mid-morning and then pureed fruit or pureed meat/veg combo when we get home from daycare about 5:30p.

    Anyways, needless to say this will be a major topic with our pediatrician at the 9mth checkup. I just keep hearing of other babies at this age eating "regular" food and I have no idea if my LOs reactions are normal or if we should be doing something else for her!
  • Making faces and gagging is normal! We are BLW because my son didn't want anything to do with purees. Try giving her some small soft pieces of fruit or veg that she likes and see how she does. Remember it's all new - they are learning how to manipulate food in their mouths so they might gag, and if it's a new flavor they might make a face. Gagging isn't choking so try not to panic. It's just their way of getting something out of the back of their throat. Mine will put something in his mouth, cough it up, then pick it up and put it right back in! In BLW the important thing is that he's in control of the food. And he loves it.
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