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Pressure to drop the weight gain from pregnancy

I have to vent about this. Pls bear with me. I had been working out for years until I got pregnant. Then my doctor told me that my heartbeat could not go higher than 135 so I stopped once I was 15 weeks pregnant. During my pregnancy, I put on 34 lbs. (I am 5'7 in my mid 30s and weighed 160 lbs before I got pregnant. I thought the weight gain was not that bad.)From the second week of p.p., I have had members of my family ask when I was going back to the gym and when am I losing the weight. My daughter is breastfed and formula fed. For weeks, I have been overly thirsty and hungry but I try to make the right decisions. I have gone back to the gym and it has been frustrating, since I am not at the level I was before. Yesterday, a close family member told me that being 15 weeks postpartum, I need to work out longer and eat less because I need to lose weight. Did I mention that I already lost 12 lbs as of 6 weeks pp but scale has not budged since then?! I saw myself in the mirror earlier and I was not happy with how I look esp. My lower belly. I just do not know what to do. I brought the belly bandit and I am thinking about buying other products to help lose weight. I honestly do not know how ppl lose their weight so quickly. Oh yeah, one of my friends even told me that her ob said to her "that after 6 months pp., it's no longer baby weight, it's your weight." I am so frustrated and needed to vent.

Re: Pressure to drop the weight gain from pregnancy

  • I feel your pain in the fact that nothing seems to change the scale. Just have to let our bodies do what they nust and eat right so we have energy for being moms (and BF since you do that too). I will say though the hr workout i get each day helps my mood and ability to take the day on. Do what's right for you and your LO
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  • Other people are bugging you about it and giving you unwanted advice? Rude! We're all different. I've had two kids and with both, after the initial loss, the rest of the weight didn't start coming off until about 3 months pp. Last time it was all off by 5 months pp and I'm on track for that this time, too. I joined WW and nothing, then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago it started coming off. Same with after I had DD. I think my body and my baby needed the weight on until now. I say trust your body. It will come off if you have healthy eating habits and exercise.
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  • Wow. If anyone mentioned anything about my weight and being ~3 months PP, I'd tell them to piss off. I keep hearing the "it took 9 months to make the baby, it'll take 9 months to get your body back to normal" mantra, so I'm sticking with that. I hope your family members lay off as it's really none of their business.
  • When my family came to visit at 2 weeks pp my aunt told me to get a belly wrap because she diagnosed me as "prone to get a big belly" the women in my family do tend to keep a pregnant looking belly after having children , as in more than 1" but i didn't need to hear that.

    What i do is tell them that i don't care about that, even though i do lol it's just to shut them up, people need to mind their own f-ing business
  • Lose for yourself, not for others. Make the right healthy choices for your body and it shouldn't matter what you weigh :) ofc I don't follow that advice one bit. I put myself on a 1200 cal restriction to lose weight since I didn't want to workout. I take vitamins and drink lots of water to keep my breast milk full of nutrients, but as they say...took 9 months to gain and could take at least 9m to lose it in a healthy manner,
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    Sounds like everyone needs to mind their own damn business. 34 lbs is nothing and no one should be telling you when you should lose all your baby weight. It took almost a year to put it on and it takes almost year to take it off if you're dong it in a healthy way.

    Ps that person's ob needs a new profession, what a bitchy thing to say
  • I find it's not even about the weight...I'm my pre-preg weight but whole shape is different. I'm a size bigger and not too pleased with my new "mom-bod". I had twins so my belly is loose and I don't think any amount of exercise will fix that.
  • Being a ftm, how am I supposed to lose weight when I'm barely making it through this new crazy schedule? I don't have time to think about meal prep when everyone has needs to be met. It would be nice for once if someone said something positive. "Your doing a grea job mama, the weight will come off with time". A girl can only dream..
  • DrD30 said:

    I find it's not even about the weight...I'm my pre-preg weight but whole shape is different. I'm a size bigger and not too pleased with my new "mom-bod". I had twins so my belly is loose and I don't think any amount of exercise will fix that.

    Minus the twins bit, this is me! I'm also my pre pregnancy weight but my shape has changed. I walk different, don't know how to dress myself anymore and am incredibly conscious of my belly skin. I think with time things will continue changing, and of course reasonable exercise will aid that but don't overwork yourself! You grew a human being inside you, and that's pretty amazing!
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