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ugh... the dreaded spotting

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So yep... I way over did today. But hey... I have 4 kids so it's hard not to. But I didn't count on some cramping and spotting tonight. Mild but there none the less.... nothing on panty liner but for sure there when I wipe... and all my brain can say is.... "not again"....

I give up

Re: ugh... the dreaded spotting

  • :( Hoping for the best! Maybe that's all it is? The over doing part? Best of luck.
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    Are you going to go in and get things checked out? I hope you just did too much.
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  • I'm so sorry! Hopefully it's a one time event and is already over--please keep us posted!
  • I am supposed to go in Friday morning anyways.... and honestly... I guess there's nothing really that can be done.

    My sister just fussed at me and told me to quit thinking all doom and gloom. But after a loss.... it's hard not to. I wasn't emotionally prepared for this and am honestly... very detached. I am just gonna rest tonight and see how I feel tmrw I guess
  • Good news! Fingers crossed.
  • I had some veeery light spotting last night and completely freaked out. I'm 4w6d, which is when I lost my last pregnancy, and light spotting is how it started. Seems to have stopped for now though, fingers crossed.
  • I spotted today too. Im just happy it was red. If it's light pink I would've been scared.
  • @kimey1 .... isn't red usually bad?
  • @MamaRoni Well, it was a light red that dried and became a light brown. I just had my first u/s and doc said it was prob implantation bleeding. So far I'm good.

    Last time my mmc started with a very pastel baby pink color stuff on my underwear. I didn't think much of it but that was the initial sign of the miscarriage.
  • Glad you had a good ultrasound!
  • Hey girls. Hope you're all well and staying hopeful. I've had cramps this weekend and then started spotting this afternoon (brown). I'm a little ball of nerves and just praying that I'm not having another MC. Your happy US makes me feel more assured. I'll be ringing EPU tomorrow but I'm only 5 weeks so not sure if there'll scan me or not.
  • @amyeva1989 if you've had a Mc befofr they may want to see you early. My doc told me to come in as soon as it was a few days post my expected period so My first u/s was at 5weeks. Ive been spotting daily this weekend so I'm calling my doc tomorrow too. Hang in there!
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