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Baby Lotions etc

Hi all.. There are so many brands out there that I wanted some opinions on what everyone is getting. I'm leaning towards Aveeno or Mustela but more so towards Mustela .. Trying to stay away from Johnson n Johnson. Has anyone had any pervious experience with Mustela?

Re: Baby Lotions etc

  • I second the coconut oil.  For actual lotion I use Hempz and it's wonderful!

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  • I used mustela when my LO was a newborn but have switched to California Baby. Both are great products! I haven't used coconut oil on my LO but I do use it on myself.
  • My LO hates when I put lotion on her. We use lavender J&J.
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  • Coconut oil is great. I will say I love the Mustela line too though.

  • Aveeno is owned by Johnson & Johnson. That said, I do really like their baby products. I've looked closely at the ingredients and feel comfortable with them. I especially like their diaper cream. It works really well and doesn't have a nasty smell like Desitin. I also love the Bert's Bees Baby products

    Also keep in mind that babies' skin is learning to produce the right amount of oils so they say not to use a lot of lotion, especially early on.
  • Due to sensitive skin issues we were advised not to put any lotion on our first and to limit baths with soap to 1-2 times a week and as needed. We will do the same this time.
  • I'm going with Burt's Bees! I love how it makes my skin feel and they have a calming lotion with lavender I look forward to trying.

  • On average my DD gets a bath every night but tonight was the first time I washed her hair and used soap on her body in like a week. I usually just use water and wet her hair and have her use a washcloth without soap on her body. I know a lot of bad stuff is said about j&j I still use an off brand of it and try to lotion her every night she has a bath. As a baby she got a bath a couple times a week.
    I remember my vet saying something similar about the dogs, you can get them wet everyday to wash them but only use soap once a month.
  • anyone interested in finding out the ingredients in any cosmetic product, including baby products I suggest checking out this site That said, I used coconut oil for everything in the beginning, and once my son started taking regular baths I used babyganics
  • We use Original Sprouts on DD and will do the same for DD2. I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it. It's organic AND vegan, has a super fresh scent and makes my daughters skin so soft!!

    We use the hair and body wash as her shampoo and soap in the tub and then if I notice her skin starting to feel dry I'll give her a rub down with the lotion (scrumptious baby cream). I also just got the leave in conditioner to try and it makes her hair silky soft and it smells so good!

    It's pricey but I find it lasts a long time and it's totally worth it to have safe skin products. She started out getting rashes from anything we used so we switched to pretty much all natural products (even cloth diapers) and never looked back!
  • You might want to hold off on buying a lot until you know what your baby can use.  My son couldn't use any lotions until he was close to 2 because of eczema and allergies.  The only thing we used on him when he was flared was Vaseline or aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream.

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  • Babyganics
  • My MIL got us a bunch of Babyganics lotion and baby wash, so we'll definitely use that first. I don't have a problem with using J&J baby products, they are safe. Depending if baby has sensitive skin, we'll decide what to use after the first batch of lotion and baby wash runs out.
  • Babyganics. It's a really good price and it's easy to find. I got a sample lotion from target and have been trying it out on my own face. My skin has gotten incredibly sensitive and I've gone through three face soaps and they burn. The babyganics is soothing and not greasy at all. I got lucky too and scored 7 diaper lotions marked way down at target.
    I'm going to try and make my own detergent. I'll be cloth diapering mostly so I'll be using a lot and need something gentle but strong. Just have to try and set aside an hour every few weeks or so to make it and can store it in 5 gal buckets with lids.
  • @maiatene I checked out that website. I hadn't ever used it, but it's awesome.
  • We wouldn't have made it through with Aveeno's eczema lotion! That stuff worked miracles on DD's skin :)
  • Pure Olive Oil is best for sensitive skin and brilliant for eczema. I'm guessing Coconut Oil has similar properties! I've been a maternity nanny for twenty years and Mustella has been a huge aggravator for sensitive skinned babies... I've always stayed away from it. If you are wanting your baby to smell and feel more comfortable with products, Khiel's have a beautiful baby range but some other good products to look into are Burts Bees Baby, Neal's Yard, Wileda and Erbaviva Baby. They all have some beautiful products and are all natural. Good luck!
  • No scents and hypoallergenic. Cetaphil and eucerin. Seen way too many babies with eczema from scented baby products!
  • LOVE all the Mustela products. Still use them with my daughter who is 14 months. We also use them for our second.
  • Bootsie81 said:

    You might want to hold off on buying a lot until you know what your baby can use.  My son couldn't use any lotions until he was close to 2 because of eczema and allergies.  The only thing we used on him when he was flared was Vaseline or aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream.

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