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Please excuse me while I vent for a minute (I can't to any of my friends since for the most part they don't know I'm pregnant haha). So I live in Florida and my husband and I are renting a house. Last night our air conditioning broke for the THIRD time in the last 6 months! It keeps getting "fixed" but not really cause it needs to just be replaced but the landlords don't want to. So here I am, pregnant (which makes me feel warmer than normal anyways) with an almost 20 month old trying to tough it out in a house that's about 90 degrees waiting for the stupid repair man to come...ALL DAY. Finally 15 minutes ago he calls and tells me he can't get anyone out here today but will be here tomorrow. Grrrrr.

Thanks for listening :)

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  • That sounds miserable! 

    It's been a while since I've had a landlord, so I don't remember any of this, but I wonder if there is anything that states that after a specific point they do have to replace it? 

  • Sorry you're having a rough day :( Hopefully it gets fixed tomorrow. Landlords suck sometimes, and I know not having air conditioning is miserable.
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  • That's brutal. I hope you're the first stop tomorrow!
  • Yikes. That sounds like it sucks. Hope it gets fixed for you soon!

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  • Thanks everyone :) I felt much better once I knew they weren't going to come today and I got out of the house and into an air conditioned restaurant for a few hours! Supposedly they're coming first thing in the morning so until then we each have a fan blowing directly on us :)
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