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Vacation w/o LO??

hey ladies!

Has anyone left their LO for a weekend away yet? I know it's still early...

My DH and I booked a trip to Napa a few months ago and it seemed like it would be a great idea to get away and spend time together. However now as the day is approaching (we leave Thursday) I am having total anxiety about flying AND leaving my LO behind. I know he will be in great hands with our parents while we're gone... Im just having a hard time talking myself out of worrying. I know I should be super excited but I'm not looking forward to it at all which is really disappointing my DH.

Anyone have any advice or words of wisdom on how to get through four days without my little guy? I feel terrible leaving him and he's not even 4 months old yet...

Re: Vacation w/o LO??

  • Are you the only one in your family feeling concerned about this? I would never consider leaving my LO for 4 days! There is a reason you are upset about this..
  • I'm going to Napa too soon for a weekend and I'm freaking out too and I live an hour away. I'm just hoping the time goes quickly. I probably should not have booked so soon. :-(
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  • Can you just change your mind and take him? To me Napa is nice and calm and it wouldn't be a bad thing if he came along.
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    Were leaving next Thursday for an our of country trip, will be gone 5 1/2 days and not concerned about it at all. Our girls are staying with their aunt for part of it and Grammy for the other part. I trust both to take care of them.

    When DD1 was only 2 month the we flew away for a weekend leaving her behind, and had a great weekend. Then when she was 6 months we went to the Dominican for a week without her! I didn't feel guilty about that, but it was defiantly hard and by about halfway through the week I was ready to come home.

    I don't feel guilty in the slightest and I'm going to love and enjoy my time away.

    And that's the difference. If you feel guilty now and haven't even left then you are in for a rough go. You say LO is in good hands, so if that's not enough to reassure you then I don't think anyone on here can really say something that will.
  • Taking him along shouldn't require any changes in your plans.. do that if you're worried. I wouldn't be able to leave LO this soon.
  • If it were a day or two it would be hard but I'd do it. 4 days and being an airplane ride away would give me a ton of anxiety too but it's still not a particularly long time away. Maybe if they agree to send you tons of photos whole you're gone? Or you can cut your trip a day short if you feel like you need to leave?
  • I freak out when i leave him for 4 hours... it's totally irrational and i need to get over it before starting work in 10 days... Traveling for work should be interesting too...

    I have no advice except to try working your way up to multiple days at a time. 
  • I couldn't do it. I text my SO every 15 minutes when I'm gone without DD which has been maybe three times. I would not be able to enjoy myself without her. I know that she would miss me too much. Maybe in a year or something but right now, no way.
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  • I think we will be going to Dominican or Cuba for a week in January when LO is 8 months old. My mom is a big believer that couples still need time as a couple so before LO was born she offered to watch them for one week once a year for us to get away and go wherever we wanted to go. I'm a little anxious about it but I trust my mom more then I trust myself with LO sometimes and my poor husband has been so neglected since LO that I think he's really looking forward to having me to himself for a week. It will be hard to be away but with FaceTime it won't be so bad.
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    I left my first son with my mom for a week to go to Costa Rica when he was 3 and for our honeymoon in Bermuda when he was 6 and I cried most of the time we were gone. If you can do it and enjoy it, more power to you but I was miserable the whole time.
  • Thanks Ladies. I wish I could bring him but the itinerary we have would just be too difficult with him there (we're going with another couple). I will just keep telling myself "it's only 3 nights" and hope it goes by quickly. I'll plan to FaceTime a lot. I also know I will not be doing this again for a very long time!
  • It might make you all think I'm a "bad mom" but I wouldn't have any issues with this.  I am so exhausted I would be thrilled to have a break!  I am traveling 6 hours to my hometown next week just to get a break for a few days.  My mom and MIL and siblings are taking turns watching him at night so I can get some sleep.  Not the same as being in a different city but still.  I would take the Napa trip.  Your LO won't ever even know it happened and you'll get an awesome break.  

    Plus, Napa.  Awesome!
  • If you're feeling guilty now then chances are you wont enjoy it, have you ever left your lo before? If not try leaving for a few hours here and there and see if it puts your mind at ease.

    I came back from a vacation yesterday but i took LO with me, it was very challenging and tiring for both of us but we still had a lot of fun, DH and i agreed to make it a family tradition and fly with our future babies during every maternity leave lol
  • I've left him over night before twice but only for a night and I was back there very early in the morning! This is just more than I'm used to. I'm hoping once we get there I will be able to relax and enjoy. My parents and in-laws said they'd FaceTime us when he's crying or something so we wouldn't feel horrible
  • I don't know why my post cut off! lol but I also said we have long away with LO for long weekend just never flown anywhere! I do agree that it's nice to go away as a family to do something fun before maternity leave is up!
  • It sounds like your mind is made up to go based on your last post. And it sounds like you might do things differently if given a do-over. BUT. You are going, and the best thing you can do is to give this time to your hubby. It may be hard not to agonize over being away from your LO, but if you spend your trip focused on that, you will have left your little one for no good reason (for a weekend of worry... What a waste!). So make the trip count and make leaving your LO as "worth it" as you can. Use the time to focus fully on your DH.. as mamas, that can be very hard day-to-day!

    This trip, while hard on your mama heart can also be a great thing for you and DH if you resolve to make it great.

    Good luck, and have a wonderful time! :)
  • @Shea7387.. NO JUDGMENT!  I wouldn't be able to leave my lo quite yet and here is why... he doesn't sleep through the night and seems to already have a little anxiety when I am away.  But that is just me!  Once he's sleeping better at night I look forward to some alone time with my husband on a trip somewhere!  Try to go enjoy yourself!  But if you feel you can't, take your lo with or reschedule if it's possible!  Otherwise you will feel miserable... :-(
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