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any LO say their first word/words

DD is 8 months, we use baby sign language just a few. Eat, sleep, milk & poop. But the past couple days she saying "que" which is what in Spanish and "HI" . and a lot I mean a lot of loud squealing :D

How's everyone LOs

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  • abcmom12abcmom12
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    we've had mama, dada, ba-ba (which we think means banana) and ga.  The 'Ga' is new as it's the start of my DD1's name and she says it mostly when staring at her.  Lots of other consonants too.

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    I've gotten uh-oh a few times and a mama on accident once. DS is 7 months 3 weeks old.
  • stejjystejjy
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    All I ever hear is mumumumumumumumum. I think it's very cute, my partner is a little jealous. He'll get there.
  • jpagano113jpagano113
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    Mama and baba which is Greek for dad but that's it!! Lots of babbling that sounds like she's trying to talk
  • dameridadamerida
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    Mine barks like a dog. Wish I was joking! If our dog goes to the window, or if she or the neighborhood dogs bark, he goes "oh, oh, OH, oh..." It's pretty cute though!
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