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Diaper question

my son was born on Friday August 21 and we came home Sunday. The past two night when I change him his back is wet from pee! There is no leakage in neither the front nor sides. Am I putting the diaper on wrong? Wrong diaper? Wrong size? Or just normal? Any help is appreciated!!!

Also, I don't want to bother his umbilical chord healing process by covering with a diaper. He was also circumcised so he is still tender. If these details help.

Re: Diaper question

  • We had this too. It stopped when we made sure his little penis was pointed down, not up or to the side in the diaper. Also, make sure the leg gussets aren't tucked in to the diaper.
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  • Same with me we were using pampers but then tried another brand , still didn't work . then switched to luvs and haven't have a issue since \:D/
    Luvs are our favorite by far.
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  • Try another brand, certain brands fit some kids better than others. If he's close to he higher end of the recommended weight try going up a size.
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    Same thing with us, we thought his back was sweating! His pee didn't have a scent... Yup pointing it down stops that :)
  • Yep, the newborn diapers are lower in the front for the umbilical cord.
    Just need to make sure you point his little man down when you put on his diaper. We also make sure the elastic parts are not going up his butt (no diaper thong!).
    Good luck!
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