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Nursing and baby's head sweating

whenever I nurse I have her lay on my arm and when she comes off I see the part of her hat was on my arm is so wet from sweat.... Should I do something to prevent this?

Re: Nursing and baby's head sweating

  • Maybe don't wear a hat on her. I haven't put one on my baby since we were in the hospital. It's just too hot outq
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  • It isn't even hot here and I haven't put a hat on my DS since the first day. But he's also a furnace. I sweat just from holding him!
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  • My LO (3weeks) is the same; it seems like anytime we're skin to skin he's sweating. His hair is so drenched whenever he feeds & if he naps on me (only way he'll nap longer than 20min) he's totally covered in sweat.
  • LO gets sweaty when she sleeps, which is normal. However, at the hospital we were told that once we left she shouldn't be wearing another hat until she goes outside in the winter. The only time I broke that rule was when we were out in the sun, I used a very light, breathable sunhat. Once they're a few days old, they can regulate their temperature enough that a hat isn't necessary.
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