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Opinion on Honest Diapers

I've been debating between using pampers and honest diapers so I have some of both right now. I have a friend who is going way overboard with buying diapers and has gotten me many packages of honest diapers. I was just wondering if anyone has any prior experiences with them and if they were positive or not.

Re: Opinion on Honest Diapers

  • I personally love the Honest diapers. I like they have less chemicals and they hold a lot. I hated Pampers, they never contained the mess. We used Huggies in the beginning with the umbilical cord, and they worked great as well. I will say Honest is overpriced. We use Earth's Best diapers and they are essentially the same without the cute prints. Plus, they are always on sale at BabiesR'Us.
  • I love using Honest diapers and wipes. My husband and I both agree, thier wipes are better than the other brand name wipes. I really like the cute patterns and that they are delivered to the house. My son goes to daycare for a couple days a week, and his diapers are the only unique ones there, so they don't get mixed up with others.
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  • @atlasbrock I was thinking about getting the subscription do you think it'd worth it?
  • With diapers, it depends a lot on your baby and how they are proportioned for how well they work sometimes. I have used pampers swaddlers/cruisers for Vince pretty regularly and I am happy with them. Honest Company is a bit too expensive for me, but I also liked them when I've used them to try them... I just don't like the price. I get my diapers through amazon subscribe and save and get a 20% discount so it is what works best for us. 
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  • They're cute but overpriced. We use Luvs. Rarely any leaks. Huggies One-And-Done wipes have been good for us too.
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  • It really depends on your child as to what works the best. I bought honest company and earths best because I have really sensitive skin so I thought my son would too--for whatever reason those make him break out in the worst rash ever. It was totally confusing to me because they're supposed to help with that. We tried seventh generation and had no rash but they didn't contain the mess as well. He has done the best with pampers sensitive. I would recommend not stocking up too much with one brand until you figure out what works best for your little one.
  • I tried honest diapers and she leaked right through them, my first was a very heavy wetter especially overnight. I found the only ones that worked really well were pampers baby dry, so it all depends on baby. She also leaked through huggies, I think when she got older and was drinking less formula we could use any diaper. So I started buying Luvs and refer brand they were cheaper and worked really well

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  • It sounds like your friend got caught up in the cuteness and went overboard :-)

    I tried my sisters and ordered the trail pack and hated them. My son blew thru them (literally) so quickly I didn't think they were worth it. If you're interested in friendly diapers look into 7th generation. They're not as cute as honest but from what I hear they're pretty good.

    In general I wouldn't recommend stocking up on one brand before baby gets her bc like everything else associated with pregnancy, everyone is different. After trying what seems like almost every diaper i found that Pampers swaddlers were perfect for me.

    As far as subscriptions once you settle on a brand you can get them from amazon or diapers.com. I used Amazon and loved it... I think even bru has one now bc it's so helpful.
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  • KbhunterKbhunter member
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    Love earths best but honest is my second favorite.
    No chemical smells and no diaper rashes.
  • I work with toddlers and the prints are cute, but they're not my favorite diapers. Some kids are actually allergic to them. Different diapers work for different kids though.
  • We tried Honest diapers with my daughter and she had terrible rashes from them. Not really sure why because they are supposed to be better than other brands with less chemicals, etc. Huggies, Luvs and pampers all worked great for her.
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  • Did not like Honest diapers, shampoo/ body wash, butt protectant, or sunscreen. Over priced and not good products IMO. There are other similar products that work great if your looking for more natural, organic, chemical free, etc.
  • They look cute and don't have nearly the amount of chemicals. However I found that they leaked at night and also I didn't like the way they felt. They're not soft, which is something I preferred with a newborn.

    This time around we're looking into cloth (after the newborn constant changing stage!)

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