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Hi Girls,

I'm looking for a good birthing class or birthing class teacher in New York City. Do you have any suggestions?  Was there a class that you took and really enjoyed? Due in early November and want to figure this out soon.

Thank you so much.

Re: NYC Birthing Class

  • I loved the class my husband and I took at the prenatal yoga center with Terri Richmond!
  • My husband and I just signed up for classes at "City Births". We've heard nothing but great things about them. Our first class is the second week of Sept. I'll let you know how it goes if you haven't decided on a spot by then.
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  • Just took a City Births class with Vanessa last week and it was amazing. My husband and I both learned a lot and we were very comfortable in the small class setting. It was expensive IMO but the instructor made it worth the money!
  • thanks so much guys!!
  • Just an update if you were still looking. We did our first class at city births last night and really enjoyed it. I agree with @bsmith80 the small class size was great, and it is a bit pricey. But overall def worth it.
  • Hi guys, really keen to get your opinions of the most objective classes out there? I can't seem to find anything that I feel has no politics attached to it!
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