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its 12:45am in CA. My baby is a snacker, an ounce and a half of formula every hour or so. I'm so tired but the moment I fall asleep he will be up agin to eat. It's so tiring! What are you all upto?


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    It's 430 am in Kansas. LO woke up about a half hour ago. I changed her and fed her. Gotta keep her upright for about 20 minutes due to reflux. She's already fallen back asleep. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same.

    @Handree what part of CA? I grew up in Northern California.
  • Just fed mine and its 330. She feeds every 2 hours now. Before she was like that, eating every hour. We had some hard times with her feeding because it would take like an hour to feed her and then after she is fed it is like she wants more and that repeated. But now she is on a different formula and eating every 2 hours. :)
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  • Its 9:45pm in Australia and put my 5wk old boy down a little while ago, just making sure he stays down. Then will hopefully fall asleep soon, as he'll be up and hungry in about 2 hrs. Since he was born I haven't had more than 2.5 - 3 hrs sleep in a row and no more than 6 hrs in total. I MISS SLEEP!
  • Last night was rough for us! He was up every hour to feed. He's usually not like that at all. Maybe we will have a better night tonight!
  • 2:50 am, just laid DD down after feeding. I'm waiting 5 minutes before I go back to bed to see if she stays asleep or wakes back up ...
  • It's 330 here just got done feeding DS. He's laying on my chest sleeping usually I lay him right back in his bassinet to go back to sleep. He's good at falling asleep on his own at the beginning of night 9/930 and after his MOTN feeding but I decided to let him snuggle me for a lil bit since I'm having one of my sleepless nights.
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