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sleepy baby difficulty nursing

I am a first time mom to a beautiful 7 week old girl. Our breastfeeding journey has been up and down. She spent 7days in nicu which set us back a little. While in there she received bottles and pacifiers which caused latch difficulties but we have worked through that and seem to be doing much better. The trouble is that is always falls asleep at the breast and wont wake up. She seems to do well when she nurses but I don't think she is getting full. She will nurse one or both sides, depending on how she does, and will fall asleep until I put her down then she wants to nurse again. I try to do things to wake her but nothing works except putting her down but after putting her back to breast she will fall asleep again.

Sometimes she will be content after nursing for about an hour or so then is crying again to eat. I don't mind this when we are home but it makes it difficult to constantly feed when we are out in public or doing something. I know my supply is adequate for her because I will pump at times and she will eat about 4oz and be content for hours and actually nap.

I don't feel like she is emptying my breast/eating enough while nursing. Does anyone have suggestions? I enjoy nursing her and want to continue but it really wears on a person to be constantly feeding. I don't feel this is a growth spurt because it has been this way all along. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: sleepy baby difficulty nursing

  • My son was the same way. Found out he was only getting about half oz while breastfeeding. I finally had to go to just pumping. I hate not being able to feed him directly from the breast & I was really emotional about making the decision. But I realized I was exhausting myself trying to get him to breastfeed & he was only getting a little bit. At least now I am taking the time to pump & I know he is getting more breast milk than he was from directly breastfeeding. I don't produce enough so I have to supplement with formula, but he gets breast milk too & that makes me feel better. Good luck making the best decision for you & baby. Just remember, if you are exhausted, you will begin to stop enjoying breastfeeding too. My LC reminded me that you should be enjoying that time with your LO, so do what you have to do to be sure you are enjoying it & making the most of that time.
  • I'm sure you've tried all the tricks, but I had to fed DS2 naked (him, not me). He got too warm and cozy next to mom and would just fall asleep. I'd tap his feet to help keep him up. Good luck!
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