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Clogged ducts?

I have a lump in my right breast that hurts to touch, I'm thinking it's a clogged duct. How can I get rid of it and what might have caused it? I don't feed LO on that side nearly as long as my left side because I produce more milk on the left.

Re: Clogged ducts?

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    Nurse that side first. Nurse often and if there's a long time in between pump. Avoid tight bras, wires, carriers. Try dangle nursing with chin on the clogged side ( baby on bed or cushion and you in all 4s over baby). The thing that worked best for me was a breast soak. Warm water with some Epsom salts in a bowl bigger than your breast then soak leaning over a table. If you can manage to massage the hard spot or hand express just enough to soften the hard spot. Then after it feels better or ten minutes nurse or pump right away.
    Eta: if you can't do the dangle position switch positions and massage the spot while baby nurses. So try football or laid back if you always do cradle, etc.
    keep an eye on a fever and if you have one over 101 for a day go get antibiotics.
  • Nurse on that side often. Warm shower or bath rag pressed there works wonders. And as to what caused this it could be latch issues, not emptied breast enough, or if you pump that side your pump could not be fitted correctly. Keep an eye for fever or flu like aches, let your doctor know if this happens. GL
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  • Lay in a scorching hot bath belly down and squeeze until milk starts coming out. That's the only thing that helped me. After that pump until no more drops. Next time youll know to empty it all the way once you start feeling that little lump forming again.
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