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Frustration with breastfeeding all of a sudden?!

FTM of a 2 month old baby boy. I am breastfeeding and formula feeding my son because he spent a week in the NICU when he was born and we couldn't establish breastfeeding for a while because he was a "lazy latcher." Eventually we got the hang of it after a while being home but now for the last week he has outright refused to latch or only latched for literally a few seconds to a few minutes, then would unlatch and cry/scream until his bottle (formula) was ready. If he unlatches from one side, he won't even try the other because he is so upset. The only thing that works to calm him down is the bottle or being patted on the back like being burped but I know it's not a gas issue because he is breastfed while I wait for the bottle to warm up. I also know my supply is plentiful because I soak breast pads at least twice a day. My diet hasn't changed and I drink plenty of water, and he's up more during the day and it's 99% of the time just me with him during the day so I never get time to pump unless he sleeps. I'm getting frustrated along with him to the point where I'm almost ready to throw in the towel on breastfeeding but I don't want to do that because formula is so expensive and we're a one income family (and don't qualify for assistance because we make too much). I wanted to get to exclusively breastfeeding but it looks like it's not going to happen :(
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Re: Frustration with breastfeeding all of a sudden?!

  • Do you think he could just be frustrated because it's taking to long for your milk to let down? You could try pumping for a few minutes before taking him to your breast. It's much easier for them to get milk from a bottle than it is from your breast so he could just be used to the instant gratification of the bottle.
  • My LO went through a period at about that age where he would fuss and refuse to latch. I found that nursing standing up, or nursing him while bouncing him or patting his bottom really firmly would sometimes calm him down. If he got really upset (or if I did) then I would give him a bottle, but we just kept trying and the phase passed.

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  • Am going through a similar phase. Seems like sometimes he's just not quite ready to eat. I'll take him outside and bounce around/pat his back or swing him in his carseat, which calms him down, until he's ready to try again.
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  • My LO is doing a similar thing at 3 weeks. I usually will keep trying for a few minutes, but if she refuses to stay latched I just take her off and burp her for a couple minutes. Usually at this point she will either start to cry because she is ready to eat or she will be completely content. For some reason she almost always stays latched the second attempt. If she doesn't, then I just give her a pacifier (or finger) for a while and assume she isn't hungry. 
  • I think he is getting frustrated because your let down is not as fast as a bottle. If you want to breastfeed you will probably have to push through this phase and get him used to the breast again. By giving him a bottle he's learning that all he has to do is fuss and he gets instant-ish satisfaction. This is very normal behavior for combo fed babies. You could pump until you get a let down and then have the milk "ready" for him. You could also try feeding more frequently so that he's not super hungry when he eats and he may have more patience for let down. Take a few days and feed him every 1-2 hrs. Do lots of skin to skin. Pretty much just focus on nursing as much as possible. Doing breast massage will also help with flow during feeding. If you give him a bottle in place of a feed you need to pump or your supply will decrease.
  • Here are a few links that might help:
    I know it's hard and frustrating, but once you get over the hump it gets soooo much easier!
  • Like the others said I think it's because of slow let down. If you have any pumped milk try putting a little on ur breast so he won't get frustrated & he'll keep on sucking
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