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nipples still tender

so my baby will be 3 weeks tomorrow BH and my nipples still feel tender from breastfeeding... i would have thought it would have wore off by now...

The first week was pretty rough for us but the second really was much much better and now I only feel the pulling in the beginning and that's it. So I really feel like I have breastfeeding down pat. But because my nipples are still very tender I'm starting to think maybe not???

Anyone feeling this

Re: nipples still tender

  • 6 weeks and mine are still sore. Not sure it will ever not feel like this I guess. I do have a baby that eats a lot and I'm pumping too so maybe it will just take longer for them to toughen up.
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    Try squeezing a small amount of breast milk out and rubbing it into your skin. It should help soothe it for you. I felt that way after the first week and after a day or two of doing that (as recommended by my LC), it helped tremendously.
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