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Crazy Dreams?

So I wasn't having all those pregnancy crazy dreams everyone was talking about but now I'm having MAJOR anxiety dreams. For the first week I was having insane night sweats that I couldn't figure out and now I think I've been having stress dreams all along I just sometimes don't remember them. I wake up with my pillow so drenched I have to turn it over or get a new pillow. I had a dream that while cutting my dogs hair (which I don't even do) I cut off their ears and now they hated me. So wild.

I am getting my appetite for healthy food back so that's a plus.

Re: Crazy Dreams?

  • I'm sorry you're having a tough time. :( I started having trouble sleeping once I found out I was pregnant, and it hasn't gotten better since I miscarried. I end up sleeping on the couch most nights because I have trouble falling asleep in our bed. It's like the only thing I can think about is NOT being pregnant and why this happened and when I'll be able to conceive again.
  • I am sorry, that is terrible, I can completely relate... I has having crazy vivid dreams when I was pg, but now it is even worse because in many of them I am breastfeeding the baby, holding him, or I am still pregnant and have a belly etc..and then I wake up and the pain and emptiness is feels like a cruel joke our minds playing a sick joke on us. :(

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    10/2014 Confirmed MC at 5 weeks
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    8/2015 MMC & D&C at 13 weeks  :'(
    11/2015 BFP then CP at 6 weeks.
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    2/2017 FET #2 BFP CP at 6 weeks.
    5/2017  BFP Natural. 3 Betas were ok. First US 5-31-2017. Hope it sticks and is healthy!!

  • adrimolina ... and @katempar I hear that. I really struggled today, I work shift work and I usually have no problem day sleeping but suddenly I can't. Maybe because I was off for 12 days? not sure.
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