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Anyone use the Britax B-Safe B-Agile 35 carseat?

My LO is 7 weeks old.  As he is gaining some weight, the buckle in the carseat is getting too tight on his legs.  It's tight enough that it will leave marks on his inner thighs.  Does anyone else have this issue?  Is there a way to adjust it so it doesn't leave marks? I've gone to the Britax website and watched the video but of course they use a doll instead of a real kiddo which doesn't help me to see how the buckle is supposed to sit. I had a friend look at our car seat and she said the clips that hook into the buckle in the car seat stick out way farther than their car seat and she didn't think that the buckle should be leaving marks on our LO (which I agree with, just can't figure out why it's doing that). 

Re: Anyone use the Britax B-Safe B-Agile 35 carseat?

  • I've started noticing this with my 5 week old too. No answer, but following.
  • I left a comment on the Britax Facebook page because they seem to respond quickly to questions so i'll post if I ever get a response. 
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  • Yep- you have to adjust the buckle position to the next slot. If you look in the manual, it shows you how to do it. Once they reach a certain height/weight, the buckle has to be moved so they can fit.
  • I have the same one. Just push the red button at the bottom, right by where you clip it in and you should be able to stretch it to give your baby more room. If that doesn't work, try adjusting the straps in the back. You may need to adjust it.

    I hope this helps.
  • Does anyone have problems with the Chest clip on the B-35 not locking?  My plastic piece doesn't always stay up to lock the chest clip. 
  • I did not notice it when we bought it, but the chest clip seems very cheap to me. I have had to triple check before because I thought it was clipped but it wasn't.
  • Yes!  I called Britax and they mailed me a new one.  It's the same one! It seems to be locking better! 
  • I would try adjusting the shoulder strap height. They should be at our just below the baby's shoulders. I haven't noticed any marks on my 4 week old but that's what I would try.
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