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Overweight, pregnant and want to lose.

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Okay ladies this has been on my mind.

First..I'm sorry I post so much. I've never been active in "the bump" with my other two littles and most the time it is truly helpful.

Okay so I'm really overweight. And to the point just disappointed in myself I even got like this. I just had baby number two 5 months ago and then now pregnant with number three and nervous about the weight gain. I'll be the first to admit I eat horrible, & love soda. Both pregnancies I've gained 50 plus pounds and this time I just can't afford to do that.

So my question is..ladies if you have been through this or know someone who has..If I start eating right (atleast 80 percent better than I do now) and stop the soda I know I will lose a good bit of weight because I just don't eat right now...is it safe>? I mean it has to be safer then eating horrible..you know?

Also do you know someone who made a lifestyle change while pregnant and actually lose weight safely?

Thanks for the vent! I


Re: Overweight, pregnant and want to lose.

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    I actually asked this at my intake appt today. I am nowhere near where I want to be weight wise, and I'm 15 lbs over where I was when I got pregnant with DD. I have actually lost a pound since finding out. The doctor is actually just fine where I am (surprisingly still wants me to gain the average 25-30 lbs) but does acknowledge I'm overweight. She does not want me doing anything to purposefully lose weight though. She says it may happen due to appetite changes but doesn't want me losing much. She said to maintain a normal calorie range (I imagine 1800-2000, increasing by 300 calories in second trimester) with a high protein diet.

    But definitely drop the soda! If you're wanting to lose weight that will just be better overall anyway! It had SO much sugar in it.
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  • Thank you ladies ! I meet with my doctor next week so I'll def talk to him also.

    I just want to be more healthy for my kids, this baby and myself and I'm so far from it right now. It is def time for a lifestyle change and its no better time than now.

  • I am similar. I had actually started working out 3 months ago and had lost 18 pounds. While I have scaled back my workouts, I am continuing to exercise. With my first pregnancy, I lost 8 lbs between when I found out an my 14 week appt. I know it was because I cut out soda & drinks with friends and was not nauseous, just not super hungry. My doc wasn't worried since I hadn't been dieting and since had the weight ( and then some ) to lose. Just try to make healthy choices and you will be fine!

    (For the record, I have lost 2 lbs already since I got my BFP 2 1/2 weeks ago. Not trying, just can't eat a ton right now because it makes me nauseous)
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  • I do know someone who started out overweight, decided to count calories and eat really healthy and walked a lot during her pregnancy and she left the hospital after having the baby 15 lbs lighter than when she first got pregnant. So it's possible! :)
  • That's amazing and so good to hear! I have my first appointment tomorrow and that is number one on my question list for my dr.
  • My bf's sister is a nutritionist and said it's possible to lose weight and also maintain weight being overweight and pregnant. I'm hoping to lose in the 1st tri and gain the least amount in 2nd and 3rd tri. I asked her to make me a meal plan.
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  • Yes, one of my friends was oveerweight and lost weight most of her pregnancy.

    I think the important part is that you HAVE the weight to lose, that you are not DIETING (lifestyle changes are different than diets) and that your main focus is on health and not weight loss. Pregnancy and breastfeeding (per my OB) is not the time to diet. However, as long as your OB is on board there shouldn't be any problem with you making these changes!

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  • First of all thank you for posting this. I am the same weight I was when I gave birth to DD two years ago. I was losing weight when I got my BFP. I am going to talk to my OB at my first appt and see what he thinks about my weight gain. If I could maintain or only gain a couple I'd be thrilled but I am not going too beat myself up.

    My last pregnancy I did the whole eating for two thing and I gained 25 lbs. This time I want to eat healthier and be smarter about it.
  • If you're trying to drop the soda try sparkling water. I put a little lemon and lime juice in it and it tastes great with no calories (or like 5 calories from the lemon/lime)
  • This thread really resonates with me as well.  I had my DD almost 3 yrs ago and have been trying to get down to pre-pregnancy weight and then some for the last 3 years, but between taking care of a child, having some serious back issues, working full time and finishing my masters it has been hard to find time to exercise (I tend to eat fairly well).  I play tennis and everything, but its just not consistent enough to lose weight.  And because of nausea and weird cravings, I feel like I have put on 10lbs already.  I was pretty good with eating healthy prior to getting pregnant but the hormones seem to mess with what I want to eat.  I too am struggling and I am somewhat afraid of going to the doctor for my first appt.  The last time I was pregnant I got read the riot act about being over weight and was told to only gain 15lbs.  I gained about 30lbs total, however after I had the baby and weighed in at home a week after having her, I was only 5 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.  Turned out a lot of it was water weight, plus the baby and everything else.

    I am trying very hard to watch my weight and get some exercise in.  I definitely don't want to put the baby at risk, but just want to be healthy for myself, the baby and family.
  • Thank you for all the responses ! I'm so glad others can relate. Def makes me feel not alone in it. I never worried about weight gain until kiddos and now it's always on my mind especially pregnant. I need the energy to run around with these babies and the way I eat takes all the energy I have.
    Thanks again yall ! We can do this! Keep me updated and mets just try to make better choices for our body as much as we can :x
  • Thank you so much for this thread! I gained 10 pounds after our wedding and then another 10 when I went off birth control. I was just starting to lose it when we got the BFP earlier than I anticipated.

    Like most of you, I am also hoping to lose weight the first trimester and gain the minimum for the 2nd and 3rd. 
  • This is something I'm nervous about.  I've been doing weight watchers since February in an effort to be a better weight before getting pregnant.  Now that I'm pregnant I can't do WW anymore so I cancelled.  I've lost 25 pounds since February and still have about 20 to 30 to loose.  I'm working hard to keep make healthy choices but know that I'll have to gain weight.  I'll see how my Dr. thinks I should gain and go from there.  With DD I only gained about 20 - 25 pounds so I'm hoping this time will be the same.  I will say I've been very hungry so I'm trying to eat healthy.  I weigh myself once a week and so far haven't gained anything.  I'm hoping to not gain much the first trimester.
  • After finding out I was preggo with my DD I lost about 20 lbs from cutting out the pop and the snacky/fatty foods....HOWEVER I gained back that and then some after I had her.    Before finding out I was preggo with baby #2 I had lost 23 lbs. I am going to continue walking and playing with DD to help maintain weight gain!!

    I know there are no excuses that get you out of eating right BUT eating clean/healthy is harder than it sounds!! Very expensive and time consuming!

    This is one of the best threads I have found on here because the struggle is more real than people think!! I hope everyone gets good advice and shares good advice!!! Even if we are overweight...YAY for being pregnant!!

  • @mumidi I believe you CAN do Weight Watchers when you're pregnant! At least you could when I did it 12 years ago (oh my word, how has it seriously been that long?!). Points are obviously adjusted and you want to look at different sources of caloric intake, like higher protein and healthy fats.
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  • @mumidi I believe you CAN do Weight Watchers when you're pregnant! At least you could when I did it 12 years ago (oh my word, how has it seriously been that long?!). Points are obviously adjusted and you want to look at different sources of caloric intake, like higher protein and healthy fats.
    Yeah if I remember correctly if you are pregnant or BFing they just give you a certain amount of extra points a week

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  • Agree with previous posters that I wouldn't actively try to lose weight, but I think it's awesome to focus on eating healthier, walking/other low-impact exercise, etc... Listen to your body, eat when you're hungry, and don't deprive yourself of anything. I think it's fairly normal to lose some weight in first trimester anyway. Just be smart about it! :-)

    @ready4theparty 25 lbs is not a lot to gain!! I gained 30 lbs with my son and was happy about that, even though I was right on the border of normal/overweight when I started. I easily lost that 30 lbs after having him and went on to lose about 25 more pounds in the next couple years. Honestly it was easier for me to be skinnier after having my son just because I'm happier and busier and I fit so much into my life now... I'm not sitting around snacking in front of the TV anymore like I did all the time before I had him!


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