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Choosing a preschool

I am trying to decide between 2 preschools, both of which are very nice, but the one I favor has a less-than-ideal schedule. Preschool A is a co-op right by our house, and they really welcome parent involvement, which I like. However, the schedule is Tues-Wed-Thurs mornings (9-11:30) and then I work Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 12:30-8. Seems like it might make for a hectic midweek. Preschool B is a church-based preschool a couple miles from my house that has much more of a just-drop-them-off-and-pick-them-up vibe. They are pretty light on the religion, but we are not Christian, so this one does turn me off just a teenybit. However, the schedule here is Mon-Wed-Fri 9-11:30, which seems like it would give a really nice flow to our weeks! Other than the things I mentioned, the 2 schools are fairly equal in my mind, and they bothh get great reviews from oarents. Anyone have any insight into which I should choose? My son will be just barely 3 when school starts, and this will be his first experience in "organized childcare." (Currently, grandparents babysit on the 2 days I work during the week.)

Re: Choosing a preschool

  • I would go with the less chaotic schedule. If your kiddo is in a religous preschool and you aren't religous, you could just use it as an oppportunity to start discussing what you do or don't believe and why, and how that may differ from other people. I'm dealing with the same thing, but decing if I want more or less academics for the first year.
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