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So I'm pregnant AGAIN for the fifth time. The longest I ever carried a child was for 19 and half weeks and they were beautiful twin boys every other pregnancy never made it close to that long. And now I have such mixed emotions of wanting to be happy after letting my body rest but the doctors don't even know what caused any of the losses. I'm trying a new doctor for this pregnancy, my first visit is tomorrow and I just made 7 weeks today. My husband just had foot surgery so he will not be attending but I honestly need some support I think I may go crazy. I keep thinking of the "what ifs" good and bad.

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  • Did your previous doctor do testing? It's normal to be both scared and excited, especially after a loss.
  • Yes he did testing and nothing came up. my genetics look normal and he said each pregnancy seem to terminate itself with no connection to eachother. with the twins they said early labor bc one water bag broke another the heart stopped and I had a blood clot the others just too early
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  • Welcome and good luck at the appointment! We will all be thinking of you - let us know how it goes!!!
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  • Well I'm happy to say so far everything is looking well thank god the doctor told me to take baby aspirin once a day (it usually helps with women who frequently miscarry) and prenatals and has me speaking with a specialist in 2 weeks I'm praying everything continues to stay on track thanx for well wishes and support
  • Congrats and sorry for all of your losses. You and the LO are in my thoughts and I pray that you have a healthy successful pregnancy.
  • So sorry for your previous loss....

    But I'm confused. Are you pregnant with multiples again or was that just a reference? Because your thread is titled Multiples but it's not about multiples....

    Positive wishes
  • Thank you for the well wishes. However I'm sorry for the confusion I meant for the title to indicate "many losses". And my biggest loss were my twins but I am currently pregnant with a singleton. Sorry didn't mean to confuse you.
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