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TaTa Tuesday Chat - 8/18 with Andrea Syms-Brown

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Happy TaTa Tuesday, Bumpies!

Today, from 12-1PM EST, Andrea Syms-Brown, IBCLC will be in THIS thread to answer all your breastfeeding questions! 

Her username is @AndreaSymsBrown

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A little about Andrea:
Andrea Syms-Brown is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, she is well established in New York City having been an independent Newborn Care Specialist/Educator as well as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor for many years. Andrea is the founder of Baby in the Family LLC which provides prenatal education workshops. Andrea provides postpartum breastfeeding support to families in New York City and the Tri State area. She has most recently served as both President (2012-14) and Education Director (2008-12) of New York Lactation Consultant Association.

This thread will open for your questions today at 12PM EST. 

See you right here!


Re: TaTa Tuesday Chat - 8/18 with Andrea Syms-Brown

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    Welcome Bumpies and Happy TaTa Tuesday! 

    We are thrilled to have @AndreaSymsBrown - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, here to answer all of your breastfeeding questions.

    Just tag her to ask your question :)

    Don’t forget - four lucky participants will each win one of the prize packs listed above! You are automatically entered to win by participating in the chat. 

    @BumpCaitlin and I will be on hand to help with any tech issues during the chat. Just tag or PM one of us and we'll be able to help you. 
  • @AndreaSymsBrown hi! My baby is 2 months old and she's been sleeping through the night for the past 2 weeks, I wake up so engorged but she seems to be fine eating like that. My question is will they regulate after time? I don't want to wake up like that the entire time I plan to breastfeed.
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  • @AndreaSymsBrown
    Thanks for participating today!
    When I have pumped milk stored in the fridge that I plan to freeze, milk fat coats the sides of my bottles.  What's the best way to get this fat into my freezer bags?   I don't want to waste it!
    SAHM to Daniel and Margaret
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    @AndreaSymsBrown Hi! I'm 9 weeks PP. I leak like crazy from the breast my baby isn't feeding from. Sometimes it sprays too. It makes nursing in public impossible. Will this go away? Is there anything I can do??

    Also, how long will my refrigerated milk last at room temperature after I warm it? When baby won't take it right away.
  • @AndreaSymsBrown thank you for being here to answer our questions today! First time mom here, due January :)

    What are the signals I should be looking for from my LO that he or she is hungry?
  • @AndreaSymsBrown is it helpful to see a lactation consultant before I give birth? Is it a good idea to invite the lactation consultant to the hospital even if the nurses are certified?
  • @andreasymsbrown
    Any thoughts on foods or supplements to increase milk supply?   My baby is a slow weight gainer.   I already take Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.
    SAHM to Daniel and Margaret
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    Hi @andreasymsbrown!

    I want to thank you for coming today and addressing any questions or concerns that we have.

    I am a second-time mom expecting Dec 30th.  With my first (son) I developed HELLP Syndrome really quickly and had to deliver 5 weeks early via emergency c-section.  I was really sick and had to remain in a bed for a magnesium treatment for 36 hours after delivery while my son was taken to the NICU.  To make a long story short, given all that, I was not extremely successful and breastfeeding, which I wanted to do.  I tried pumping and it just didn't work and the trips back and forth to the NICU for 2 weeks and still struggling with high blood pressure issues just took its toll on me and I stopped for my sanity.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this does not happen with my daughter, but I have double the risk of developing HELLP again from the general population.  Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with breastfeeding during something like this and what helps.

    Also, I have flat nipples which do not become erect and also found this to contribute my difficulty in breastfeeding.  Do you have any suggestions on how to successfully breastfeed with flat nipples?

    Thanks again!

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  • Hello @caitlincunn! It must feel really great to see how well your baby girl is doing! Your breasts will regulate overtime so as much as possible get the sleep you can; if you get uncomfortably engorged, express just enough to be comfortable, hand expressing works beautifully!
  • @AndreaSymsBrown
    hello! I am a first time mom and I plan to breastfeed, but I will have to pump and use bottles once I return to work while he's in daycare. I purchased the Kiinde breastfeeding system and I plan to use that. My fear is him getting to attached to the bottle nipple and not wanting to nurse from my breasts. How can I keep a good balance, so he can nurse from me once I am home in the evening.
  • @AndreaSymsBrown I pump once a day and let dad feed the baby a bottle but am having a hard time decide how much milk to give my baby in the bottle. Is there a good rule of thumb? Or somewhere I can look to figure it out. My baby is now two months and I don't want him starving after the bottle.
  • @AndreaSymsBrown I'm wondering what foods to avoid while breastfeeding? Thanks!

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  • Hello @MrsTiger123! I'm glad you have enough milk to store! Best way to incorporate that milkfat is to gently swirl the bottle in each direction . Breastmilk should never be shaken since it may damage some of those precious long chain fatty acids .
  • Hello @Sjeff0816! Right about now your milk supply should be regulating so nursing pads should help with leakage and while Baby is nursing remember to recline this will help slow the milk flow. Find support in your area if you really need help, La Leche League is awesome! Your milk should be safe for up to 3 hours.
  • @AndreaSymsBrown I have another question as well--when is a good time to start with a bottle? I would like DH to be able to participate in feeding our LO. Also, any recommendations for brands of bottles that most closely mimick the nipple so my LO continues to BF?
  • Hello @Ancheta3! Wow congratulations on your pregnancy! When newborn babies are hungry they start to suck on their hands and lip smack even if not awake!
  • Hello @ngarcia1119! How cool that you're asking these questions now!! A prenatal breastfeeding education class is REALLY helpful, look for one in your area. IBCLC work in hospitals as well so you're all set!!
  • @AndreaSymsBrown I'm 4 weeks PP and have been EBF the whole time. I've been careful to divide time equally between my two breasts but a couple days ago I noticed that my right breast no longer seems to fill up. It still produces milk but not as much as the left one. Not only is the size difference upsetting but more importantly I'm afraid it will stop producing altogether. I've started fenugreek and tried nursing from that side longer to maybe get it to trigger more milk but so far no luck. Are there any other things I could be doing, and any idea as to why it slowed down in the first place?
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    Hello @MrsTiger123 That's a great start! High fiber foods, healthy hydration, adequate nourishment and lots of nursing will provide healthy milk supply!
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    Hello @rockinmathchic! I'm so sorry to hear of your challenges in the past. My best recommendation is to find good support going into your birth. Local IBCLC s can be found at www.ilca.org Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best!!
  • Hello @robinj716! Congratulations! So many babies need to get used to drinking from bottles these days and yes it can be daunting. During the newborn stage be sure to nurse as often and as long as your baby wishes. Once you need to bottle feed your baby remember to nurse him frequent! Paced bottle feeding is important as well.
  • @AndreaSymsBrown I've been feeding my son every 2-3 hours but sometimes it seems like he wants to eat more frequently than that. I have him on my breast so much they are starting to hurt really bad. He'll pull off the breast when he's finished and he seems fine for a while but then starts to get fussy. Sometimes I'll top him off with some expressed milk, he'll drink it and then fall right asleep which makes me feel like I'm not producing enough for him. What can I do?!
  • @AndreaSymsBrown FTM here , due in Jan.
    Is its true that physical contact with baby increases the formation of milk ?
  • Hi! I am a FTM of a 6week old little girl. I have been doing my best to breastfeed but have been experiencing many challenges. We have finally fallen into a routine that is sort of working for us! I pump during the night with each feeding (bottle of expressed milk) and occasionally during the day but I try to nurse as often during the day. She spent time in the nicu where she received bottles and pacifiers so we had a difficult time developing a latch so it has been a work in progress but getting better each day. I am either nursing or pumping every 3-4hours, usually pumping after each nursing session.
    I will be going back to work in about 8 weeks and have been trying to freeze milk but my supply just doesn't seem to increase no matter what I do. I have tried the teas, fenugreek and power pumping. No matter what I do I can't seem to pump more than 4-5oz total each session and that is about what baby is eating. Do you have any suggestions? I am getting very frustrated with constantly pumping and I get paranoid/obsessed if I have to go longer than 4hrs between sessions. I try to relax but this is making me feel very defeated. Thanks!
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    Hello @mjschenk! Feed sharing can be fun but for breastfed babies, bottle volume quantities can be a mystery. Good rule of thumb is to start with approximately 3 ounces, see how Baby reacts and remember to pace the bottle feeding too. Burping frequently lets Baby recognize his own appetite.
  • Hello @grapesoda1111! During your breast-feeding journey it is important to avoid parsley sage and mint these are used during weaning.
  • Hi @AndreaSymsBrown I'm a first time mom due in January. I would definitely like to start breastfeeding during my maternity leave but then will probably need to pump or switch to formula once I return to work...what are the essentials that I need to get and is bad for the baby if I choose to only breastfeed the first 6 weeks and then switch to formula or am I better starting off and sticking with formula?
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    Hello @Ancheta3! The current recommendation is to avoid artificial nipples until breast-feeding is well-established. Once your baby is nursing comfortably and confidently usually between 3 to 6 weeks of age bottles are okay. Paced bottle feeding is key for all babies, so go with any brand you like!
  • Hi @AndreaSymsBrown! FTM due next Feb/Mar. What are some of the common mistakes FTMs make that I can try to avoid?
  • Hello @Reappel! Congratulations on the safe birth of your new baby! Most women experience this it is normal. Nursing from each breast as much as your baby wishes is key to a healthy and appropriate milk supply!
  • Great questions, Bumpies! There are 10 minutes left in our chat, so ask @AndreaSymsBrown your questions while you can! :)
  • I have one other question, any suggestions for keeping my babe awake during feedings? She is so comforted by the breast she immediately starts to fall asleep. Sometimes she will continue to feed while asleep other times she doesn't and there is nothing I can do to wake her up. I've tried undressing her, changing positions, laying her down and burping but nothing seems to work. Sometimes she will nurse one side then sleep for an hour or two, during that time should I pump or wait until she wakes up and offer the unnursed side first? Thanks again!
  • Question for you, @AndreaSymsBrown:

    My son is 4.5 months and we are slowly introducing solids. I put a lot of effort into pumping during the day so the baby can continue getting breast milk while I'm at work, but I'm unsure how to adjust the amount I pump as he increases the amount of solid foods he eats over time. I would like to keep breastfeeding for probably another 6 months, and I've been very careful to keep my supply up. I would love tips on how to make the gradual transition to solids without ruining my supply!
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    Hello @reneecarmenn! It sounds like your having a tough time with this, I'm so sorry! If this has been ongoing since birth (how old is baby) then my best advice is to seek local help. You're in pain and that's not cool so latch on help is key!
  • Hello @gelor0979! Yes!! Skin on skin contact in the early minutes and hours postpartum and beyond encourages mums' hormones to assist in milk production!!
  • @AndreaSymsBrown one more thing- she is 2 months and will not drink out of the bottle. She did drink out of them a little at first around 3 weeks but ever since she will just play with it or push it out or scream that she wants me! Any suggestions? I have different brand bottles and still won't take it. We're going to a wedding in 2 weeks and I'm freaking out !
  • Hello @StephanieMartin519! Congratulations you and your little girl had a tough start, but it sure sounds like you're doing beautifully! Believe me the amount you're producing is more than average, and the amount she's currently drinking is all she'll ever need as she grows up!
  • Thanks for joining, everyone! And a HUGE thank you to @AndreaSymsBrown!

    This week's winners will be announced on this thread tomorrow, so stay tuned!

    And see you next week for our final round of August's TaTa Tuesdays- same time, same board!

  • Hello @JZ1989! Congratulations a winter baby!! Any breastfeeding/breast milk you can give your baby is fabulous!
  • Hi @AndreaSymsBrown! I am a first time mom, and will be having twins. Any tips for breastfeeding multiples ?
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