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Hi! I dont post often but I am at a loss here and looking for some tips. DS is 2.5 exactly. We tried potty training back in June and after 3 days and lots of frustration on both ends, we decided to take a break. DS has shown a little more progress, interested in reading potty books, sitting on the small potty, etc. So today we gave it a go again. We are following the 3 day potty training method, threw out all the diapers, had him in underwear, asked him all day "are you dry?" and said "make sure to tell mommy & daddy when you need to go potty." When we would see him go we would swoop him up, bring him to the potty, but he would stop himself and never finish in the potty. Only once did a few drops get in there in which we really celebrated and he got a small prize (match box car).  As the day went on, we made literally 0 progress and it almost got worse. By the end of the day he was crying every time we would race him to the potty and wouldn't sit. Lots of people say keep at it and by the end of the 3rd day he will have it etc, but I am wondering what you all have had success with. He is super smart, he can start and stop his flow so I know he CAN do it . He just doesn't feel like it and I am not sure what to do. Would love any thoughts!

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  • Hi there I am currently potty training my two year old son.
    The first day was rough, but I expected it.
    What I did was spent a good month taking him to the toilet with me and sitting him on the potty when I went, as well as before bedtime. He got to the point where he knew sitting on the potty meant it's time to wee/poo.
    When it came to 'big boy' underwear on day 1 I set a timer for every 15 minutes and sat him on the potty for at least 5minutes. He got lots of praise for just sitting on it and I made a sticker chart and he got to pick a colourful sticker if he did anything in the potty.
    By day two I could set the timer for longer times, but wasn't discouraged by accidents!
    By day three he could go a good hour between potty breaks and start to recognise when he needed to go.
    This week is week two of potty training and we've not had any accidents for about three days now. I still use nappies for nap time and sleep time though!
    Best of luck to you! I'd say keep it up, and don't try to rush it!
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  • My son is almost 3.5 and still not potty trained. There is a short window of opportunity that is most ideal to potty train and if you miss it, then you are basically screwed!

    Our Pedi said to stop even trying and wait for DS to approach it and WANT to be potty trained. You might have to back off a little and try again later.

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  • Sounds like he may not be ready. I agree, when he doesn't show interest, back off and try again in a few weeks. If you try to force him, it will end up taking longer. 
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    I think kids are different and while some are ready at 2.5 or earlier, some aren't. He doesn't sound ready.

    EDIT Being able to hold it and control it isn't the only thing needed, he has to want to as well.
  • I think you may be pressuring him too much. At 2 my DS was interested in potty books and a small clip on Disney Jr called "Nina Needs To Go" but when asked if he wants to go on the potty he would say NO! And refuse to go. I backed off for 3 months.... Tried again... Nothing.

    My pediatrician said when he turns 3 then to let her know. She didn't seem too concerned with it. One day at 2.5 years old he came up to me and said he needed to use the potty. I put his potty seat on the toilet and let him go. He peed! I have him a mini chocolate candy (some parents use stickers) to reward him. Now he always wants to go pee. Going #2 is a little difficult. He stills poops in his diaper... But I gave him his space and now he let's me know what he's ready.

    I say do the same.
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