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14 Pregnancy Myths - Busted!

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By now, you’ve probably heard endless pregnancy myths from friends, family, co-workers - maybe even complete strangers! Some of this legend and lore has been around for decades, so we decided it was time to re-investigate.

Check out which common pregnancy myths our experts debunked! 

What other pregnancy myths have you heard?

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Re: 14 Pregnancy Myths - Busted!

  • What?????lol
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  • Even I heard that. In India people believes that more. My mother in law told me to do not come out from bed room until the eclipse complete. :/
  • Yes this is true
  • Lol, you're kidding me... right? Never heard that one. 
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  • Tiya wow! Haha.

    I was surprised by: Myth 7: I should tilt my lower body upward to help the sperm get to my egg.

    All the ladies at work always tell me to put  a pillow under my butt and hang out for 15 min lol!
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  • Myth 7 worked for me 3 times lol even had a doctor tell me to do it lol
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    It worked for me too i got to know i am pregnant, just yesterday and we tried for the 1st time in march 
  • Lol... my friend's mom told her not to take a nap or the baby will sleep on the way on the day of the delivery. 
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