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14 Pregnancy Myths - Busted!

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By now, you’ve probably heard endless pregnancy myths from friends, family, co-workers - maybe even complete strangers! Some of this legend and lore has been around for decades, so we decided it was time to re-investigate.

Check out which common pregnancy myths our experts debunked! 

What other pregnancy myths have you heard?

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Re: 14 Pregnancy Myths - Busted!

  • What?????lol
  • Even I heard that. In India people believes that more. My mother in law told me to do not come out from bed room until the eclipse complete. :/
  • Yes this is true
  • Lol, you're kidding me... right? Never heard that one. 
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  • Tiya wow! Haha.

    I was surprised by: Myth 7: I should tilt my lower body upward to help the sperm get to my egg.

    All the ladies at work always tell me to put  a pillow under my butt and hang out for 15 min lol!
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  • Myth 7 worked for me 3 times lol even had a doctor tell me to do it lol
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    It worked for me too i got to know i am pregnant, just yesterday and we tried for the 1st time in march 
  • i was watching a tv show (Drop Dead Diva) and one of the girls is pregnant and burping like crazy so someone tells her that it means she's going to have an evil baby. And then i saw a "fun" fact that most serial killers are born in November and guess my due month!! so a little thought in my brain tells me i'm going to have an evil serial killer baby.... :/
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  • With my first baby i used to crave cheetos and my grandma told me that the baby gets the skin color of the food you eat the most. I really thought i was having a cheetoh-colored baby.
  • Lol... my friend's mom told her not to take a nap or the baby will sleep on the way on the day of the delivery. 
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